Ball of Gnosis and Bliss!

1. I had a potato tablet. It’s the translation for “Aaloo Tikki.” It’s a spicy dish made by roasting potato and then further mixing it with spices. It’s what was needed at the moment. Spices: spices. More of it. Sure of it.

2. I bowled fifty times in evening. A total of ninety balls. I wondered if the Navaratri festival actually indicates the nine dark nights of autumn like nine dark nights in Spring. In the mystic parlance it indicates an in-between for many souls. I am familiar with religious doctrines and fasting practice advocated during these nights. It ends with symbolic killing of ego which had ten heads: awareness of ten dimensions. Thus: the eleventh opens on the day after the Dussehra. Important is: how perceptive you’re to observe the changes. What’s Lankavatara Sutra? Buddhism describes this phase as “Pitch Darkness.” It means dark mode of nature is prevalent in general and even days are nights. The name is for both days and nights hence people try very hard to raise vibration by joining hands together until it ends. It means they don’t really feel deep inside them for it to last. After pitch darkness follows clear light of awareness.

3. I scribbled certain notes on Southern movement of Sun or Dakshiyana. Daylight saving time adjustments are made. Deeper mysteries of fourth and fifth dimensions are revealed if one carefully studies the patterns. Scriptures might help but no individual would come to tell you all of it.

4. Angels and demons. The movie Inland Empire remains an interesting study. The Phantom was created by the delusions when the gross and causal bodies were not in touch. The character played by Laura Dern seems to be the gross body. The girl watching television is prostitute : representative of a soul which has forgotten itself because her relationship with real gross body was lost. In the end: the Phantom is killed by the Laura Dern and it meets the real Self: witnessing consciousness watching movies on television (Cosmic Microwave Background.) It merged into it. It is neither male nor female nor eunuch. The team is shown as end credits roll. The vignettes are dreamlike and open to interpretation. They include elements from Circus to hypnosis to magic to Hollywood to reincarnation to tribes to acting to disloyalty to clairvoyance. It was the magnum opus by David Lynch and I rarely watched anything similar until it all became my everyday reality.

5. Stories inside stories and dreams inside dreams started happening when I began writing seriously for long hours without giving regard to censoring myself. I first appreciated Christopher Nolan’s Science Fiction on lucid dreaming: Inception and then found elements of multiple angles in Dharmveer Bharati’s “The Seventh Horse of Sun. ” Shrimad Bhagwat has such multiple layers of narratives: especially one where Hiranyaksha is killed by Varaha incarnation of Vishnu and his brother Hiranyakashipu teaches the subtleties of Dharma and transmigration of soul to wailing relatives.

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