My Masterpiece For The Daye!

1. Cherie (Rowland Lucas?) looks like a Saint. The post was about bullies. The last post on which I commented via Blogger’s World bridge: was about trolls. Trolls mean fishermen. Phishing is similar in sound. I explained her the meaning of cranes versus swans. The black swan.

2. Many pleasant things happened today. First and foremost: I got a new job which is to teach a kid I have taught twice before. The engagement couldn’t continue for more than one and a half or two months on previous occasions. Lessons learnt: the first time around I was working too hard. Fever took over me. The second time around: I was compassionate to Harijanas but they had no compassion to return. Mind you: they were all richer than me. To make meet ends I toiled. The third time around it was the core of mysterious: transmigration of soul and Egyptian mysteries revealed. How were the pyramids made? How was the Tajmahal made? How costly is it to buy a litre of milk everyday? How much does it cost to walk on your own? What does it mean to be a freelancer? How costly is a banana or a coconut water glass? Spiders. Cats. Bats. Parrots.

3. The poem had a strange title. It was written by one Kedarnath Aggrawal. The title was: Plum(ber) returning to Moon’s Eclipse. Plum is representative of evil people who are good looking. Lunar eclipse is, well, lunar eclipse. Coconut, as per the same Sanskrit dictum, represents good people. Coconut water under the bicycle tyre? Who are the onycophagists and where do they come from?

4. I thought it was written by her. It was indeed. By HER. But not her her. Ben hurr. Har har har. Spotify.

5. Then comes the book and the fasting and methodical dissolution. Aryan Cat was indeed big. Nonchalant. The overwrite: a rickshaw puller was giving directions to the car driver. It’s my own creation. It’s like updating the database. Virus Database has been updated. Dancing light of grace! Satyam Shivam Sundaram.

6. He was the best student but could never study for a month in the entire year of Corona. She was the best student and studied for about three or four months in the last two and half years. I reach to one conclusion: in the nature versus nurture: nurture has won so far. These two were born with previliges. Rest of my students were not upto the mark. Their parents came from low income strata or lower castes. I know from experience: it’s not a rule but so far I have taught about twenty students and these two were single children of their parents.

7. I read a book by Sudarshan. He’s Khalil Gibran of India who was discovered today.

8. That which has no beginning or end has no middle. The statement comes from IAmThat: by Nisargadatt/Maurice Frydman. This much for in betweens. But the Buddhist system is not for reaching to conclusions which are final. They are merely to create heaps of wisdom. Skandhas. Kartikeya is commander in chief of demigods. Dreams made of wisdom are divine and the boomerang goes back to one who threw it first: what was the name? Narayan. Vaasudev. Shiva. Buddha.

9. Asad was the name of the kid. He asked for the ball yesterday and today again. My tennis ball looks worn out. I need to buy a new one and yet: I can’t afford it until I get money for it. I asked his name and heard him say ‘Hasan.’ Then another boy came on a bike. I told him the same thing. His eyebrows were connected like those of Rohan’s, Shivani’s, Amit’s and mine.

10. I left the field in time. I had poha. I had bowled forty times. Yesterday evening it was eighty times. The new job offer which came via Shivani was cancelled. I had written the details on her notebook and I cancelled it. Fishes in aquarium except one black fish died.

11. My net worth: two hundred rupees. My monthly income: would be forteen hundred rupees : provided Shivani and Rohan’s parents can afford it after the thirty first. People below poverty line income earn about six thousand five hundred rupees per month: which means I am getting less than most poor people. Why? Why am I still in such a poor country? Middle class families give more pocket money than this to their high school kids. I was brought here from Vrindavan to be executed systematically. Who invented zero? Who discovered it.

12. What is North? North is a dimension full of answers. Right is South, left is North. Vaamdev. Vaammarga. Tantra. If you sit with your face towards North: East is right. East is past. If you sit with your face towards East: Right is Right and North is Wrong. So what is right and what is Wrong? If you sit with your face towards West: Amitabh asks: Who created Zero? Void. Then: Right is left. Tantra is right then. Left is South. Right is wrong then. The question arises: in the beginning was the darkness or light or were they both same? In the beginning was the word or the light? What’s North? North is a dimension full of answers.

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