Charvaka: Yavat Jeevet Sukham Jeevet!

1. Despite being tired I write this.

2. I write this only and only because it’s the purest and most authentic of my body of Gnosis. It’s what remains when everyone around has abandoned me. It has revived me: time and again. Ideas with a stamp of actual experience: free from indoctrination.

3. I borrowed another hundred rupees note from Vandana with a promise to return the money by the first of November when I receive payment from my patrons: four fifty rupees.

4. I also took an advance payment of two hundred rupees from the secretary: my other employer. She looks at it not like a loan because she gives it to many employees working under her. Here I have witnessed Mahajani forever and I could understand true import of Time only in the year 2020. The events worth all previous years combined together happened in this year. This isn’t to make me feel happy about how much my knowledge body or chitta or experience has increased : but to underline that despite UG and others: there’s some solid foundation on which various departments of knowledge or experience are based. This is the language of a believer who has the power to negate everything.

5. Bhagvata Purana as well as Hindu scriptures are nothing but formulae to protect mind. If I had a teacher like myself: I would have been given free access to library I visit now. Saatvat Tantra versus Shaiva Tantra are practical ways to survive in the world. People here could never accept me or my way of living: which is fine: everyday you see countless gutka shakers coloring walls: though they worship goddess of opulence who loves cleanliness.

6. Chanting one name gives one pointedness : but to be able to maintain the environment: where you practice: you need to espouse diversity. This needs stories and fables which are carved in the shape of environmental prototypes.

7. When the horse which is to be sacrificed in the Ashvamedh of Vedic bramhins listens its praises: in forms of various hymns: it thinks : they are for me. Then comes the invisible owner of the horse. It’s Arabic. Gulzar has summed it up in Lakdi ki Kathi…

8. The Hayagriva is appreciated as avatara in one canto of Bhagvata and criticized as the thief who stole Vedas from Bramha in another.

9. I was reading Jainism’s Philosophy: as far as ‘hope’ is considered: it’s the most optimistic of philosophies: it says : you are a soul which can attain perfect enlightenment. Samkhya and Yoga are similar with Jnana and Opulences being countless and ever incremental. Buddhism was one step ahead: it took a stop at enlightenment which was known as Arhat and told about dependent arising: denying soul as well as supersoul. Empty souls or elementals or tanha are Wandering Souls in purgatory or inbetween schemes in Buddhism and Christianity.

10. The book clearly tells: the Vedic bramhins didn’t have complete understanding of transmigration of soul until they borrowed it from Buddhism during Upanishads era. Hinduism being inclusive : included Buddha as an avatar of Vishnu and made it look like it was always so.

11. Ambrosia. Light. Rudra Granthi. Vishnu Granthi. Bramha Granthi. Vishwaroopam of Geeta: are all my first hand experiences supported by books. Logos or the word brought light and counting or Kabbalah taught me to survive.

12. World bank, USA, India : they are all in loan. Even the goddess of wealth might be in loan. I am free. I owe nothing to nobody. It’s a FACT to the best of my knowledge.

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