Grand Success!

1. It was the only public event in which I participated in the year 2020. It was a grand success.

2. Yesterday evening: someone working on lighting told me that it was supposed to finish within one hour: 6 to 7. It actually finished by about 8:30. Which means a ninety minutes lag. It was enjoyable.

3. There were at least one thousand people. There were stalls for momos, popcorn, icecream both inside and outside the stadium.

4. There was a water tanker on the Eastern entrance.

5. The organization was done by Ramlila committee Galla Mandi. The head of the committee was apologizing for lack of arrangements : it surprised me because I felt it was almost perfect.

6. Music was excellent.

7. Acting was top notch: especially by the actor playing Ravana: a veteran. His ability to laugh a devilish laugh comes with great practice.

8. Police was alert like municipal corporation workers. I felt for the first time to be in a public place without being cornered. It might be because I have been visiting stadium for about two months since it opened.

9. I was feeling low when I woke up in noon. Attending this mega event, taking pictures, bowling and having some salty popcorns and momos made me feel much better. I may say that I never felt better in public this year. I am absolutely healthy.

10. The event was an entertainment event. I spent 50 rupees within one evening: which is way too much if you look at my income: one thousand rupees per month. I need to buy milk and bread everyday to stay fit and healthy: which cost nine hundred rupees per month. I hardly have money for getting my mobile recharge vouchers. This is: when I have earnestly tried to coach students in English and Grammar for about a year. Whoever said that you get work if you’re sincere : might be wrong. It doesn’t work that way.

11. The event will be etched in my 2020 memory: along with the Chelpa bird, Vallalar, Narayan Vaasudev, Gandhi Smarak Bhavan library, Vrijpura walks and Blogger’s World author access regained. I have gained more than I lost but without assurance of future.

12. I have no doubt about being immortal. No doubts about having travelled in time. No doubts about being widely popular (infamous.) I was given a terma by Padmasambhava which I completed by 2020. I have a better understanding of unity of material and spiritual worlds. Though I clearly fathom why death, fear and sex are taboos: like left hand tantric rituals: I can’t fully reveal them to many people without first selling my soul to governors of this universe. Which also gives me freedom: to be free from having violated any teacher’s injunctions in past, present and future. Only the most deserving can gain access to the hall of gnosis and bliss.

13. I regained the shape and strength after a decade of trial and error but the ugly face of documents being controlling devices by family, cabals, companies and governments was revealed with full effect this solar year. I was trained to be a man of letters and then renunciation of a peculiar kind took away from me all the basic necessities. Most of my teachers were people who were well off and took a great deal of support from people in government or aristocracy. I took only the needful. None of my teachers, perhaps with an exception of Kabir could live as humbly as I did. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t people around me living more humbly: but means that my spiritual teachers who had a published body of works were all well off.

14. I had to borrow another 100 rupees from Vandana. I have to now pay 300 by the first of November plus I need to buy a new earphone as this one has one of its plugs dysfunctional. The size of the Oppo A53 model earplugs was way too much for my ears : why?

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