A Story Worth Reading !

1. Though it rarely happens: one of my employers paid me in full when I asked for only an advance. The student is going to take a leave for about one month. Her behaviour has been strange but I can understand. I bought an earphone worth fifty rupees from a shop I used to buy earphones from about four years ago. Since I am wealthy( after paying three hundred back to Vandana I would still be left with more than one hundred rupees!) I only have eight hundred more rupees left as a payment towards the services delivered to the second employer. Constantly changing world and employment. Scarcity of work or complete slavery were options. I chose the first one and feel free.

2. I played four jams this morning: rankings: 1112. Unless Stephen had come: I would have scored first rank in all four. I enjoyed bowling ten overs. Samose. Samose and kachori are getting costlier but we are paid one fifty or three hundred rupees per tuition and work is scarce to come. What happened to economy and opportunity?

Party with religious groups: like I did last night: except popcorns and momos everything was for free: I reckon:

Ramleela –Live ticket in an open theatre worth 1000 rupees per person.

Air: invaluable.

Water: invaluable.

Harmony and security: invaluable: though some younger people were suspicious of me. And you know why! I was confident because I have been visiting stadium for about two months: doing what is supposed be proper behaviour over there: sports and recreation.

Personally: my net worth is almost zero. The last good movie I watched in the Anurag City Centre had merely four members in theatre and another had a hall full but I was supposed to create rains instead of watching the movie.

3. How many threads do I need to join to create an event worth narrating? Maybe three or four. It depends on authors. I consider it kabbalistic you call it divine. I saw another Kingfisher and a nightingale as I was exiting out of the stadium. The thread of story begins in the point four.

4. Vaibhav Choubey Galla Mandi had the Einstein quote “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge,” striked out on his t-shirt. It means: Einstein was wrong. It means: the world is real. It means: knowledge is more powerful than imagination. Vaibhav was standing near the police line entrance to stadium. It was Eastern entrance. Satyam was with me. My heart had stopped working. My head was exploding with pain. I showed him and he accepted: my heart had stopped.

5. I was ordering popcorn pack. The policeman whom I had been observing on a regular basis ordered the man counting the gutka pouches which he laid on popcorn pouches. It might mean anything: that eating popcorn is akin to eating gutka: with a difference that popcorns don’t spoil walls or teeth. You don’t need to spit. You can prove anything provided you have the power.

6. Today morning the autorickshaw man gave money to the puncture shop owner. I recalled how Vaibhav had asked for another five rupees after having taken twenty rupees in two days. I had refused. The puncture shop owner made a remark about darkness. My blog was read by someone and message conveyed. He does read newspaper but I don’t know if he reads my blog too. My comment had a foundation of Hinduism which regards the Sun’s southern movement as creating smaller days and bigger nights. Darkness increases: festivals let you relax but you don’t understand the full import of them. My attention was taken to gutka pouches: he wasn’t selling them before. Vaibhav was actually in a fair. Playful and enjoying as much as I was when I ordered popcorn. Or similar. There’s no way to match.

7. Four days. Four threads. Saarthak. Autowallah. Meaningful: the name of the lady who wanted to mount a water bottle for her son. When I was letting her son play she needed to make a superficial acquaintance. Now they are five threads. I don’t know who really reads these but unless some delusion struck me: the policeman, the puncture shop owner and some others will get to know of five threads. Beneficence. This is the art being created with hardwork. The policeman, the gutka counter, the puncture shop owner, Vaibhav who first requested me to come to academy, his grandmother, etc were all in it: probably to make me prepared to get married to a fat girl. If it was a way to civilize me: you see how well it works. It’s red pill.

8. The library and the other parts of Gandhi Smarak Bhavan have whisky or wine or brandy bottles. They might be part of an exhibition or act like those steps on North West pavilion which had condom pouches a few days ago or maybe they were drinking and wanted me to know that being farmers they need to drink to relax. It’s fine with me for I lived with flatmates who used to drink. I knew that those who worked in Deshaj Gaushala and field needed to drink. Gandhi or Tolstoy might also have drunk one way or another.

9. All the characters come from real life or this dream. And events are woven. It took energy to do that and gradual patterns. Police, repairing people, editors, press, psychonauts and hackers. If I rate this: it’s one of my best stories with morale: balance.

10. I utilized library time for writing because I was expecting my student to visit as she said over the call. But she didn’t. Online classes are random in nature. I would have been left with no energy or willingness to write if I wrote in noon. I am sure : this story will be read at least by one person and appreciated.

Courtesy: police department. Cricket academy. Vaibhav Choubey Galla Mandi. WordPress. Win Wenger PhD. S. S. Khare. Bob Dylan. Devika Mathur. Sister Haycinth. Kabbalists. Saarthak’s mother. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Wine Shops. Ramlila committee. Baburam Chaturvedi. Shrinivas Shukla. Chhatrasal. Saint Rajinder Singh. Kabir. Nanak. Secret Russian Mafia Police. Vladimir Putin. Rajasthani Red Light Workers. Vaasudev Krishna Yadav. Akshay Kumar.

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