That Girl is Claire or Guy!

1. As long as Claire G is there I can only imagine to get the first rank in the night jams. PC spoils my evening jams by being so smart. Their IQs must be 150+.

2. If it’s not PC, Stephen or Claire take the baton and I don’t get the first rank.

3. I need to get the first rank.

4. The fill in the blanks take too much time to read. They should be removed from the constitution of Ben Zimmer????)

5. New jams should be created. I can create them to ensure my victory but who will be joining? That’s the main problem. Only hosted by ones gain any good number of players.

6. Words like kibble nibble at my soul. But the goal is not reached for I have no time to practice them on the usual challenge.

7. I got 434522 ranks if I remember it well. There were at least forty to eighty participants per game. I can sleep in peace for having tried to increase my verbal advantage to cite the annotated bibliography of Jhonson O’Connors Wordsmart Challenge: this is going to make me super-rich someday!

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