Morning Rituals!

1. I just read what I had written six hours ago and though I usually don’t judge myself the last post seems to have been written by a drunk and yet it was ambrosia. The nectar of immortality plus some words.

2. I practiced alternate nostril breathing and bowling in stadium. Fortunately I got some space where some municipal corporation employees were sweeping. Prior to that I had a special juice worth ten rupees. This bitter juice is said to be “death” of 350 uncontrollable diseases. I am death of deaths if Shukadev was right. Go figure!

3. I bowled 71 times. This was after a long time. I only slept for three hours and had a wonderful session in morning : all because I took a break and slept for three hours yesterday noon.

4. News is getting unnecessarily dramatic. As is more. The elections in so many places are timed by electional astrology and yet: those who have the final say: the eye of the eye of the pyramid and its crown : remain unknown to the masses.

5. I should play some vocabulary jams. And donate some rice. No Claire G or PC at this hour : though Stephen might turn up. ( Stephen didn’t. Hang L did. Got second rank in two of them.)

6. Supernatural season 15 finale taught me more about Chuck. Though they create ‘on the go;’ Chuck is definitely demiurge. Not the Godhead. Jack the son of Lucifer is going to get killed. Sam seems to have aged more than Dean. Crowley wasn’t there. The library of death scene was epic. I got acquainted with something called “empty.” Though Supernatural is not perfect : there’s no substitute to it! This finale didn’t have as many special effects but it showed death and black hole to be more powerful than darkness and light. Light who is a demiurge? Mister Singer and Dabb have all the answers.

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