Not sure of anything anymore!

1. A big screen showing the counting of votes has been placed just outside the stadium. Election results will decide the ruling party and the leader in this state.

2. Yesterday evening I sat with Piyush. I told him about the hacking. He told that it might be technical error in smartphone. I decided to delete three of the posts on this blog. If you liked reading them and wonder why they were deleted: it’s because I am not sure if I can continue on that line which is merely speculation. There were nine birds.

3. Today I bowled about 75 times. When I was bowling towards the South: I again faced the problem because of “hands free,” feature of Google. The music would stop and start at random. It all stopped when I went away from people : as I started bowling towards West: it came only once after 70 balls. As of now I don’t have a resolution.

4. Purushottam sprouts shop guy stopped to ask if I needed to buy juice which is a cure for 350 diseases. I bought it and he had no change therefore he said that he would get paid tomorrow. I have to pay him ten rupees and ten rupees to Piyush when we meet next.

5. Tiwariji, Pateria and Lucky were the people mentioned in the posts I deleted. They happened to be near the events of hacking.

6. It’s a nice day. Weather is pleasant. I enjoyed playing in stadium. I also played couple of vocabulary jams. I got second rank in both of them. A student named Amit from Maharshi Vidya Mandir asked me how to bowl. I told him what I thought was an appropriate action. I am not an expert. Then those four kids turned to me for counsel on whether the first run is counted if you get runout during the second. I said: yes.

7. If I am asked to give directions or asked for suggestions on something: I know it’s rare. It’s either fixed or planned. To have lived among people where normal behaviour looks like conspiracy. Am I really the creator of this world of mine?


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