Couple of harmonies!

1. I bowled only twenty times this morning. I ran more than I bowled.

2. I listened music and played vocabulary jam.

3. I need to play more and write more.

4. It’s a day with harmony: 11112020. There are two pairs. It’s also the eleventh lunar day as per Hindu calender. I spotted Leo Moon and Venus from roof this morning.

5. Yesterday a miracle happened. I bought a laptop in 2010. I spent a lot of money on getting it repaired. Final repairing rendered it useless. Two thousand rupees wasted! After couple of years: yesterday evening as I was playing ball with the students of my class in my room: Vandana came asking for password. I was surprised. Rahul was successful in booting it up. He wants to work. I deleted some old files. It’s working but it’s not for me. I renounced it once in 2013, then again in 2018. Now it’s the final renunciation. This smartphone needed many sacrifices to reach to my hands.

6. Now that election results are out: I need to figure out how my employment as a freelancer might become more lucrative. If they come up with greater Corona hullabaloo: it might take exercise and playing away from people again. Unemployed people are counting on new regimes.

7. A Tohu Verse to celebrate the occasion:

Election ion lectern in turn intern

Wednesday angels light festivity

Darkness increases

Raise the purple lantern

Watch the play

Dance the dance

Drink the ambrosia!

8. Soon another election. Business as usual.

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