Now I have three tennis balls!!!And four plastic balls!!!!

1. I need to be short and precise here as I need to join a Vocabulary jam soon.

2. I bought a Mark tennis ball to celebrate Dhanateras festival.

3. We walked and talked about things for more than three hours. We had water balls. In a thread of conversation: the stall owner told about the tax he has to submit to the municipal corporation as well as multiple chains of command. The same thing was spoken of by a tea stall owner who is a veteran. Advanced marble. Why did we all end up landing in a world which is so poor? The first and foremost: we fucked too much. We are overpopulated. Next things next. European countries have all people living luxuriously. No poverty.

4. I am still wondering about who deleted my entire post today afternoon. It wasn’t me and it didn’t evaporate on its own. The pure white cotton sent me into deep Samadhi. Profound love!

5. I lost one of the lenses of one of the pairs of glasses due to inadvertence.

6. A father was talking to his ward:”don’t you fall asleep on the bike.”

7. The question was: what would you have done differently if you were taken to an age where you were 20 years old.

8. As I began recalling: the question was changed to: what would you have done to improve your financial situation?

9. I clearly answered: I would have preferred getting admitted to a hospital in Bangalore over being brought here to a place where I was going to lose freedom. When I fell ill in 2012: I wouldn’t have come here when Vandana called me. The firm I worked for would have paid for the treatment and I would have emerged victorious without having to worry about local goons, mafia or people(mostly family) who snatched my documents, freedom and means of livelihood away.

10. It has been a long day. Despite the walk and discussion.

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