Vandana Fails Again!

1. My net worth is 230 rupees.

2. I have 230 rupees in a small wallet I have.

3. I borrowed another 200 rupees from Vandana. This makes the borrowed amount this season to be 1000 rupees.

4. As I asked her to fetch me money: she said she would give it in a while after igniting lamps.

5. Then she came inquiring about where I spend my money. She doesn’t have any right to do that. Despite earning 70000 rupees per month she has not given me my pocket money without sucking my blood in the last 8 years. She ensured that I don’t get any lucrative employment. Snatched my 66000 rupees from my account without my permission. Kept me barely comfortably. Used shamans and black magic to control me. She not only trapped me into living here but also didn’t let me leave again by creating unnecessary emotionally draining dramas.

6. She asked about the amount of pocket money I needed. I told her: 5000 rupees per month. To which she said: it’s too much. What a strange world! People living below poverty line earn 300 rupees per day and I am asked to work for 5 or 10 rupees per hour. I am supposed to supply some strange support: hemoglobin etcetera to Vandana as she had no blood in her body when she called me.

7. Blood sucking Vandana and company asked me: where do you spend money. I keep telling her but she immediately forgets. For all practical purposes she’s a slave to another slave. All of them borrowed money from some unknown source.

8. Blood sucking Vandana gave me money after 15 minutes of blood sucking.

9. She was willing to fetch only 100 rupees. Then she gave a moral discourse and then she again came with 200 rupees. It’s right: a 35 year old independent individual shouldn’t borrow money from a slave of a slave of a slave who inquires about expenses. Since she doesn’t trust: I don’t trust her either. ( There’s no interest free money. These are petty slaves and there are bigger slaves.)

10. Vandana lost all her merits: like her teeth: merely because of her agitated conversation with me.

11. Let Vandana attain pure body of gnosis and bliss by grace of Shiva or Narayana: whoever she has her faith in. All her money is spent by Shilaajeet. It’s spent the way Shilaajeet wants to spend it.

12. Vandana was trying to earn trust with laptop. Dant Kanti. Poor kids. Vandana is still poor. It’s sad! It’s true. Vandana kept stressing on merits but herself lost all her common sense. Vandana eventually gave me money but it will merely be for two days. Or three.

Am I drunk? No.

Do I drink tea? No.

Do I take marijuana? No.

Do I eat tobacco like rest of her family? No.

Do I take Shilaajeet or Musli? No.

Do I take cigarette or beedi or alcohol? No.

Do I read? Yes.

Do I exercise? Yes.

Do I wish everyone well? Yes.

Why then, am I a subject to inquiry by those who don’t have any merits whatsoever except eating like pigs and gaining weight which makes it difficult for them to stay healthy is a mystery worth being investigated.

Those who were bored reading previous gentle and mild mannered posts should enjoy this one. I had my daily bread, butter and exercise and I saw plenty of poor people who were pretending to be rich. I am not one of them.

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