Tuesday Morning!

1. I bowled 10 overs. Yesterday evening I jogged. There are: runner’s high, jogger’s high and walker’s high. The trio of Sir Donald Bradman, Gandhi and Vallalar achieved the third one. Neither manichavasagar nor Vallalar were hounds of Shiva. They’re not in Nayanmars. That gives you hope!

2. I intend to play many jams today.

3. The last three days were strange because three planets: Sun, Jupiter and Venus were holding the office of Jaiminee Atmakaraka by just a few hours difference. Children born during these times have peculiar destinies.

4. Gandhi was one such child.

5. I saw his picture in Durban in 1904. There are 72 people. His head is most tilted towards right: that tells you about his adamant righteousness. He was striving towards balance by regulating himself more than others. Yet: passive aggressive behaviour didn’t leave him until the end. What Mahaveera used to achieve divine knowledge: he used to integrate divine with social.

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