Cosmic central Sun…alignment to Shishumara begins!

1. Julian day: 2459176. 7. Venus. Seth.

2. 22.11.2020: symmetry. Beauty of numbers.

3. Uranus rules the day. Quirk. South node of Moon which is placed in Aquarius is placed in the sign of Scorpion. The root comes out to be 2053 or 28 or 10: Sefer Yetzirah. Binary. The first order triggers a time travel event in the year 2053 to reach me in this day. It means I am likely to meet a future version of mine today. It’s a bit far fetched fiction: yet, I am sure about already having done time travel experiments in 2018 and then again. Today: people try to thwart that effect of time travel by the emperor in 2053. Sadly: all technology is in hands of the first order only.

4. Look at the series of build-up on helicopter event. It also means dragonfly. This point is merely an acknowledgement. I took dimensions. Police guarded the stadium. No politician came. The PWD department did the job during elections. Today: I see home minister visiting Tamilnadu. Yesterday evening: the guy on momos shop was ultra glad talking about someone buying a helicopter. Now: it might be a helicopter I saw yesterday morning on roof. I can’t be sure. It’s second such route after Prime Minister’s visit. Who else connects the dots but the most high.

5. Simha. Sunday. Cosmic central Sun.

PS: for all practical purposes: this post is a masterpiece of fiction.

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