Any publicity is good publicity, right?

1. It’s a strange world indeed. More strange than i ever imagined it to be.

2. As i strive from romance to romance, job to job, to make ends meet: the angels and demons are playing left hand versus right hand. And if it wasn’t an age of technology: the signals and gestures wouldn’t have worked.

3. You see people who would be using either their left or right hands to talk on phone. Some of them are kabbalists. When you’re fed up of them: simply realize that: whatever you see is truth. Truth realm universe.

4. I bought guavas. Twenty rupees for half kilogram near New Colony. The name is new colony but it’s an old colony.

5. Three of them were worth being partaken as i took a walk inside the school number one field. The third one was bigger than the other two as it had more water. I put the polythene bag in the dustbin and counted 152 steps between two dustbins. I saw a black bull near number two- it was trying to eat plants. I put the guava on railing and it consumed it.

6. I bought another mask. Blue. Worth ten rupees. I also bought milk and bread from Neelesh Milk Dairy.

7. I saw an eldarin known as “Neguwan waale” near Maria Mata. He was walking slowly. Alone. It was after many days since I last saw him near family kirana store on his usual morning round of vegetables distribution.

I removed earplugs to first salute him and then to ask where he was coming from. He told about a heart attack. He had been to district hospital. He told that he got this heart attack in October when Mahalaxmi festival was being celebrated.

I recalled a similar experience i had. Convulsions. Fever. 440 volts. He met me just outside the transformer which has “Ram” written on it. The five pointed star on MMHS church has a red core and white triangles. If it wasn’t Neguwan waale: i would have stopped to observe the symbol a bit.

“I feel a parched throat,” he said.

Then keep drinking plenty of water.

“But where’s water on road?” he said.

“I should get him an auto,” i thought. He was reluctant, his house was still far as two of us walked slowly until Shriram fruits corner. I bought incense sticks worth ten rupees and then we saw an auto. I requested the driver to drop him off near Shiva temple in Shankar nagar.

Chaurasia ji had a heart attack, and Sonu used to talk about his grandfather getting 14 heart attacks. I saluted his father and Vishwakarma ji. This morning i had saluted his eldest son. There was a time when i used to mimic batting style of Sharad, his younger sibling and Sonu used to talk about how he got selected for indian cricket team. Now we know. At that time: I had put the idea before Tinku chacha: he clearly said that Sonu and company were bragging. The mouse I bought from their shop in my days of struggle was finally used as laptop was miraculously revived for my sibling. This year has been a year of miracles. Who would believe that I am playing for team India and speaking with BJP district vice president? Nobody.

8. Yesterday, three of them appeared as I was sitting in library. Kanfata yogis wear rings in ear. One of them kept saying:

” he’s a devotee of Gandhi. We are going to buy Khaadi dress for you.”

The day before I had declared loudly: neither Gandhian nor RSS way was for me and yet they were playing. After calling Damayanti madam i sent them to her.

9. Today a man in posh Khaadi appears. In the end. Actually many appeared before him. Three teachers from school number two: two madams and a sir. Sir used right hand to talk on phone as I was taking the class. Prior to that a man came to buy milk and he was speaking on phone.

( Edit: it’s interpreted as this: i asked her a few days ago if it was required to wear masks inside the premise. She told it wasn’t required. Now: three of them put an example of how people from education department are supposed to wear masks all the time. When i went to put the key on hanger’s cog number 4: she showed me the mask she was wearing I bowled 100 times this morning. Most of them hit the target. )

10. As I was eating sandwich the car with a tag of BJP district vice president is shown. It only has driver inside it. Based on the previous experience with Subhash, Laxman and others: i realize that he was being friendly via kanfata yogis as he sat on the left side of library door and spoke on phone with his left hand. The language is evolving. Will it result in pure body of gnosis and bliss free from fear, death, aging and decay? How can more and more laws really bring about self governance and peace. Hollywood made a movie called “purge” and we cooperated with them in 2020. More children are born than people died. The illuminati plan isn’t working. Yet.

11. Damayanti madam looked happy with educators. Golu bhaiya was back to monitor. Shri assumed she was doing something new that hasn’t happened to me 170000 times before. Saanchi shop had shown me a guava. Autowallah had shown me a blue mask. I dropped the yellow one this time.

12. Three of them outside Tripathi house were happy. I heard Dakshinamurti strotam before leaving the library.

(Mask on her face: she would also begin saying good morning. Would come on time. Do her homework given by me, until they don’t decide to terminate my service.)

13. While talking about my facial white spots: gudda was proud. I asked for a smartphone as I was using a secondhand. Then: it was Rahul’s trimmer. He already had those marks on his face. I had none. It was transmitted to me via trimmer. And yet: just outside Samriddhi medical: Ankit Mishra and his confidante play an elaborate charade about spot. I refused to take his ten rupees.

14. Shri looked at my face and spots and used an expression for Kushtha. Now her face has those marks. White marks. I really don’t know how that happened. She was reluctant to sit with Shailendra. It was proposed by her mother. There were way too many people disturbing in the previous spot we used to study. I was coming after calling clouds from field. Tej’s wife wasn’t present that day. She came running wearing polybags with a strange expression : ” chaliye nahin to Paani khatam ho jaayega.” Then two other girls did it. You know where and where.

15. Tej was crude. He used to drink. Once Mike’s manic depot was working in conjunction with russian mafia : “Tammy the ****girl… whose birthday falls in September and who has thighs on her page. She writes deep…”

Tej moved his left shoe as Mike had written: And the left shoe drops. The Gevurah. Severity. My slipper slipped outside family kirana store as I was taking a left turn.

Tej remarked and it was about Shri. The sweets were being made. It was to insinuate that she was Draupadi and there were five husbands. Tej would know what he meant. I have seen way too many cartoon characters in that place: both male and female. They merely keep doing left and right. None of them reads anything beyond newspapers and Hanuman Chaalisa.

16. I am out of this shit. There are books beyond Ramayana and Mahabharata. I went there for library. It’s a fact. By their attitude : I thought I could meditate in fields. They employed tactics to drive me away until Ramcharan Vidyarthi asked me to catalogue books. Since then so many elections have happened and I have seen so many people coming and leaving. There are four sections and countless stakeholders. What do they really want? Any employment I got since 2017 has merely been to monitor my activity and not really to help me rise above poverty line. This is state of affairs. Meanwhile traps of various types happened. Vidyarthi and Dinesh Mishra ensured I would be beaten by black commando. The day I went to attend a meeting in Dinesh Mishra’s house i saw the girl coming out of bathroom. Well, well. You know how much of it’s coincidence now. Later: charade continued for a while. They all tried me and tested me one by one and finally I realized that they were all together in on it.

17. Mamma was accused of theft and recalled later. Like Kanhaiya in Jagannath Ghaat Gyaan Gudri. It is too much. Perhaps why I was guided to read only sports news in my childhood days. Priyanka maami plus Sarita mausi were laughing about erectile dysfunction in Anurag’s marriage. What the fuck is going on in this world? Nobody is sane anymore.

18. The day Golu bhaiya was sitting with her and took me to Ankit: the moment i saw her i knew what she was made of. The tone in which she said: ” you can even sit in garden and read…” I thought she meant it. Like my ‘deprived of hemoglobin’ Vandana and company. It was the beginning of dying. Ku Klux Klan. I was the only person who spoke truth then. I am the only person who speaks truth now. Not that I lack imagination: I know that in the end we are all going to disappear. Whose imagination is this? Is it Vyas’ imagination or Narayana’s. Winter has come. This has been a long year. Very long indeed.

19. I sat on stairs: I wrote a quote by Herodotus yesterday. Today I was chatting with DLOG and she asked about good quotes. It was magical.

20. I bowled 100 times.

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