A Kingfisher and a Robin!

1. I balled 34 times. 11 hits. Enough of running this morning. Hockey players, Cricket players, Academy batch of Cricket.

2. Two men come with their gear. They look lost. I approach them and they ask about the entrance. I tell them about the old entrance and also about the new. The rhetoric:

Which side is entrance?

Westside. The new entrance faces North.

You might see it on your way to the carrefour.

Do you live here?

We have been called from Bhopal.

Upon being asked the very first question the assistant spits gutka to his left side. Architects are above being questioned.

So this ground belongs to college?


And what about the stadium?

Not sure. Many people come over there.

Then they took my leave.

3. Can you think about my privileges? Stadium has been locked. Boys jump inside. Even I can jump for running. I am innocuous. As long as I have space I can run here: else I would need to go to Panna Tiger Reserve.

4. A lot of architectonics this morning. The ground where we scored like Bradman and kept records: Ankur and I: was being inspected this morning. Maybe they have decided to build a house and the land has been sold. Ghanshi was there. Tall. I thought she said something. I saluted her excellency.

5. Did I pass in addressing ? Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium and Shatabdi hall. Where else would you go running? The National Higher Education building was being built when i was roaming around billboards. Situation has changed only a bit. Those who have money have the right to spend and show off. Billboards entertain. Beautiful models like Blue Buddha and SRK girl. Why not. You have it: show it off. Yes, definitely. Like bullets, Lauries, tall buildings, helicopters, technologies and clout. I mean why not? Definitely.

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