You, you or you and you!?

1. It was a pleasant walk back to this place. A walk in twilight after a long time. The librarian was reading newspaper. I took his leave after a few minutes. This morning I had a ride on e-rickshaw. This noon I met a person who was interested in books and arcane knowledge.

2. Lunch in Dindayal rasoi was the highlight of the day. As i reached the place : I saw ongoing construction. A boy with a bike told me that there was no more food. It was only two o’ clock but then he said: if you want to eat, come with me. I followed him and he told that it was roti and curry instead of usual rice. He offered either four rotis with curry for five rupees or eight rotis plus curry for ten rupees. I opted for the latter. After a long time I had plenty of food without guilt. Whatever comes out of this food will be bliss. I was raptrous in library for the rest of the afternoon as I kept reading bits and pieces. The songs of devotion for the divine feminine. I took permission from Damayanti madam to feed guavas to cows. I had bought them for twenty rupees and two of them were left.

3. I observed a painting by an artist named Sanju as i was coming back from Gayatri Mandir. Kala Mandir was written below it. The painting was state-of-art.

4. Shri scored better than me on both Algebra and Vocabulary quizzes on Free Rice sites. It might seem like an exaggeration but Damayanti madam came at the same time to pay me two hundred rupees and asked for the balance. It distracted me for a while: yet i can’t use the same logic to explain why she scored better than me on Algebra on third day consecutively. I told her that I was going to score better tomorrow. Would I? I would practice. We shall see.

Here’s a verse:

I saw a damsel,

A maiden,

A divine melody in a form,

Was it you, you or you?

Or all of you!

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