It ended in 2010.

1. The best of celebrations was a decade ago. They so arranged it that i was left with her and her.

2. It was serene. An Italian restaurant. Monika. The boys didn’t come on a pretext.

3. She was there for two birthdays in a row. Once i was washing clothes using washing machine when she called exactly at 12:00. It had never happened before and i wasn’t expecting it. The next one was in that restaurant. Pasta. Second best after the pasta made by Ramona Skovroneck.

4. I asked Vibhuti to lend me her mascara(eyeliner, kohl.) Then they took the best picture. Three of us. Not just one. She remarked on my transformation because of her(Monika not Vibhuti) influence. Only half of story…her half.

5. By the end of November 2011 it had all changed. Dark magic. These witches were calling me. My merits were too short-lived. A decade of struggle and pain with kabbalists after a 2.5 years of heaven…semi heaven. Lower middle class to middle middle class to below poverty line. What a waste of a life indeed!

6. By 2017 i had grown accustomed to stale porridge. The dark duo had eaten up all my space . These were people who promised of happiness and respect when they called upon me. Sadly they were charlatans waiting to avenge upon someone who escaped their daily grind of greed and cruelty to a place of pilgrimage.

7. Sad. Very sad indeed.

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