Is Freedom Free?

1. I lost again. She scored 100 points more on both German and Algebra.

2. I registered some books. Maybe 35.

3. This is a beautiful day. Twilight Zone. Dakshinamurti strotam under eight petalled lotus.

4. I played some vocabulary jams. I need to play some more.

5. 2341325422 are ranks i received on jams. There were only 10 to 12 players. Yet: I had slowed down. My ability to slow down or increase my metabolic rate is nothing extraordinary. It’s akin to activity and rest. Like jogging and sleeping. From Tibetan Book to Kapil of Samkhya it’s a homecoming. Peace. Whatever you see is verily the Truth. Don’t look for miracles or hidden mysteries.

6. Day 6 in Deendayal rasoi:

I was asked to sit by a hand gesture.

Left hand gesture as the catering volunteer wearing glasses was writing with his right hand.

I sat there for a while; playing free rice. I was surprised to learn that he didn’t ask my name and wrote it by using his memory. It might be the biggest honor this month. I didn’t forget to thank him for his generosity. He was there in 2018:

“Dau ki bhauji ke XYZ. Jab karam bigad jaate hain to aisa hi hota hai…”

I am not sure who that was intended for but I took it to mean for me. It was a memory of delays. The cook had a longer pardah or ghoonghat than yesterday.

A guy with a T-shirt which had an image of Shiva and Bam written on it showed up.

They wanted me to write this note. The T-shirt was gifted by Guddu bhaiya. His name is present on the inauguration stone. Outside the premise. I never hesitated to take help from charities or communities and it was always so. It seemed as if I was an orphan. I never doubted my integrity for reality. Not even for a split second. Humanity is a fraction of reality. I had doubts grasping complex society.

The hot chapattis are actually rotis. They were never available at house. It was bhaiya bhabhi United productions. It was dark. I trusted railway stations more than the mother who kept me subdued for selfish reasons.

I ate those rotis. The lady who cooked them is my mother. She verily deserves all my respect and reverence. I can touch her feet at any moment if required.

I never had those hot rotis before. Perhaps very briefly in 2018. It was a rainy affair in those days. I was investigating miracles then. Now I was sure of Kabbalistic Deuteronomy.

It’s not a sign of weakness to trust charities. A faction works inside this premise. Another works in that house. As many universes as beings: all overlapping with each other.

7. Ambrosia is costly. It’s gained by being meritorious but then as your consciousness expands: you need to grow all around : else you are always lacking something. Social intelligence or civics is connected to Morality. As you grow in intelligence you need to integrate all that you knew with the latest knowledge. Give credit to get credit. Don’t give debit as it creates further interest. Compound interest is too much to pay. Anyone in the world deserves as much freedom as you do. If you remember this: you shall be fine.

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