Sheinkin versus Dickinson!

1. What kind of surname is sheinkin?

2. Is it a distant cousin of Dickinson?

3. Or Dick? As in Phillip K. Dick.

4. Pyaasi is an Indian surname.

Pyaasi means thirsty.

Now: ‘White’ as a surname is not anymore attractive than ‘Thirsty’ but you know. Everyone loves their identity and conditioning. That’s why it exists.

I found surname Sheinkin in one of the vocab jams on The author of “Lincoln’s Gravediggers” has this surname.

A Tohu verse:

Yarmulke armistice

Ice very nice

Eyes spies

Latke jhatke jara hatke

Arra lox ox with a fox

Tchotchke hotpotpourri riffraff far off

Livery very veridiasical

Note: these words were culled from various Vocabulary jams on

Latke means ‘hanging’ in Hindi. Latke latke : repeated twice means subject performed some action while they were hanging(out.)

Latke in Yiddish is a potato dish.

Words beginning with t?


Tzimtzum is my favourite.

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