For a few rupees more!

1. I asked her if she needed my services in the month of December-January. She asked her daughter who told her that she would continue to take classes.

2. Then she told me she needed my services until her exams are over: that’s until March.

3. This conversation took place yesterday afternoon inside library of Gandhi Smarak Bhavan at about two o’ clock. There were only three of us.

4. It was second such conversation after our conversation under banyan tree. Since then: i have taught her some 400 words, played at least 20 games on Free Rice site with her to help her augment her vocabulary. Also helped her learn creation of Vocabulary jams on

I helped her learn doing diary entries but she refused to do them : like she refused to write verses or reports. An assignment to compare Meera/Arukka Mahadevi/Andal was given. It was from her book and she didn’t do it repeatedly for at least five days until i helped her with it in class. It was easy to do. She is smarter than other students i have taught so far but not anywhere near what my ‘ideal’ student would be like.

Her mother overlooks my reports about her not working enough on assignments. But when i am questioned for teaching her words in the most scientific way: she begins arguing and questions my integrity.

5. The last time around i was helping her with the vocabulary jams on : a notification from her school comes on Whatsapp.

“You need to attend a test.”

6. Her school, her parents and others don’t have a sense of schedule or time when it comes to learning. I have to ask her three questions everyday:

A. Do you want to take class today?

B. Did you do your homework?

C. What do you mean by 5 minutes? Would you come for class at the appointed time which keeps changing at your convenience? It’s usually 20 to 30 minutes delay everyday.

7. They take the teacher for granted because there’s the teacher: punctual and always available. Selling himself short. Content.

8. All that for a mere 1000 rupees!

Image credit: Self, inside Gandhi Smarak Bhavan.

4 thoughts on “For a few rupees more!

  1. One of my students said to me some time ago “I wish I’d listened to what you told me and done what you told me to do sooner”. I wish I’d asked her to say it again and recorded it so I could pay it back to her next time she didn’t listen! Eventually you will be appreciated.

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