Jabalpur_17122020_Cracking The Code!

1. I merely thought: “she’s born in Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh, not in Bengal or Orisaa.”

2. I once told her that you now belong to this place as you live here.

3. This morning the news becomes all about Jabalpur on Dainik Bhaskar. I also meet a reporter whom I had not seen in two and half years in the Gandhi Smarak Bhavan complex.

4. Not just one: i see too many name plates within a single day: BJP chief to Congress chief to Women Congress chief.

5. AT meeting me wasn’t a coincidence. Neither Vijay Patel.

6. Way too many people in a single day and trimming of branches continues. The North is more visible from the Biotic Farm. I would have stopped to capture an image if I was inspired.

7. Would the reporter disappear like Imran Akhtar Beg or really take my English classes is the question which holds utmost importance this evening.

8. There are many ways to interpret the Jabalpur news flooding on Bhaskar on 17122020.

9. The moment i Publish this post she likes my Instagram picture. The lunch yesterday was organized. Like : changing of catering staff at Deendayal rasoi where a comic performance was held at the point of my entry. Devendra disappeared and another guy appeared in the theatrical rehearsal. The lady who dropped her hair last evening might not be the one who was there this evening. I saw those two hair strands and gave them to her with a joke that those were hers.

10. When i saw Dhaniya on a thela outside Aditi’s street: it occurred to me : it might be about Sammy Jenkins.

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