In the end was the end!

1. Don’t know how it ends. I am happy to have commented on her posts in a civil manner. It’s a success.

2. I received a coin which had 2017 as its release year as i bought the incense sticks. Crackers were bursting nearby.

3. I bowled 50 times. It was easy to focus on catching and bowling to target but slightly difficult to breathe. I still think it’s the smog they create here on a regular basis. I absorb plenty of that air.

4. I sat in the field for a while as Sun was setting. They were going towards a well. I felt relieved after reading her verse. If our communication was as civil some three years ago: i might have been happier. Old debts. How much of energy, time and effort was wasted in merely being lucid in communication. All people speak different languages. Different groups speak different languages. In the end you’re left with your own version/interpretation of reality. It might be stoic or solipsistic or both. The next step towards civility might be to not expect her to read my posts or to acknowledge them. Not everyone is equally attractive/appealing. People have their priorities.

5. There’s not much worth remembering from this day. A rocket was going South as twilight was getting darker. Just besides the Moon. Then a star popped, silently.

6. Did the tall ladies: two of them in a day mean something in particular? I really don’t know. There’s tonnes of irrelevant information i process on a regular basis.

7. The star on Church gate has a pentagon and five triangles. Though i already commented on that: the bulb is not in the middle of the red pentagon. It’s towards lower right end. The Moon on the top of the shaft is tilted : just like the heads of Jesus and Mary.

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