Voltaire or Maxim Gorky?

1. Bowled 6 overs. Chatpati candy were needed to be bought because I needed to return 1 rupee change to Ashish. I had received 40 rupees from him towards the payment for the tally counter which I sold to his shop owner at the rate of 39 rupees. I had ordered for 234 rupees pack on Flipkart. I told him clearly that it’s “Made in China,” with no guarantee.

2. Chatpati candies cost 50 paise per piece. 8 candies I had. Five of them were consumed by me on the playground as I was practicing bowling and two of them were given to Rukman. One of them was given to Vandana who smiled looking at them and said:” shall I keep them, they’re twinkling like silver.”

Here you have a lady who was smiling because of a fifty paise candy. I should return the pen borrowed from her this morning.

3. I never knew Gupta ji had trouble walking until this evening. He made a generous contribution of one stand towards the “Gandhi Library.” We used to debate on some topics some times. He’s extremely right wing. A retired engineer. He remarked on the new tin shade for Goshala towards which I had given no attention so far.

4. That they never shared current periodicals of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi trust with me because I was wearing earphones or not will never be justified. Not in a million years. I explicitly asked for them. Many times. It’s akin to Miss Preeti Pandey only telling about the syllabus for exams to front benchers. She was the daughter of the ex-principal of Maharaja Chhatrasal Autonomous College. She wasn’t loud spoken like other teachers. I assumed she considered me a rowdy as i used to sit on back benches. It continued until sister Haycinth called us in office. Some of our seniors had picked on a habit of distorting name of father of church.

Like the forms of root Baalak:

Baalkah baalkau baalkah

Baalkam Baalkau Baalkaan

Baalken Baalkabhyaam Baalkebhyah

They modified the root ‘father’

Fadram fadrau fadraan

It instantaneously became a superhit.

I was the only one who cried in office. I had never uttered the words but because of the bad company. Sister Haycinth was in love with me. I loved her tests. She was absolutely sincere in tests. She used to make us sit outside of class and never allowed bags. I never cheated. I never needed to. The result is this:

India is my country all indians are my brothers and sisters. They all married their sisters and their progenies are products of incest.

5. In the scheme of the Father, the Son, and the holy ghost: the father is the ultimate God. Here you used to call father those who were ordained by Church.

6. The father Joseph Garvashish had a very long tenure here. Garvashish means “Gracious Pride.” I don’t know what Joseph means. I am open to suggestions.

7. He once made Santosh Kumar Shukla swear by keeping his hand on our heads about being vegetarian. He immediately cowered. That was enough to tell me about his being phony. They were both phonies.

8. Why? You may ask. Sisters of Nazareth versus Fathers of Satna.

He used to beat guys who were naughty. How else would he have been successful in managing guys who had harmonal imbalances?

He used to beat them with punches and kicks and we used to sing praises of our gracious father.

Even sisters used to beat us. All of them were violent. Including Rekha, Maya, Vandana and Dixit sir. Maybe Brijkishore Shukla was never violent as he was a romantic Mathmatics teacher who had passed out from college.

9. Once Joseph Garvashish beat a muslim kid who called his uncle. His uncle had a fight with father and the town inspector was called. The father became sober but never gave up violence.

10. It’s reality. I was interviewed by the principal of Shieling Public School . I took a demo class and told him that I didn’t fit in Sanskar Public School because I can’t beat kids. They’re violent people. Sanskar staff as well as principal. Management guys made kids kneel down when they were laughing on my games. It seemed as if they were laughing on me. On top of that they didn’t pay my salary because they needed a PNB account. I went back to ask for the salary which should have been paid as I had worked for more than 40 days. Spent money on bike’s fuel. The accountant said he would call me but didn’t.

11. Gandhi was inspired by Ruskin Bond. Leo Tolstoy. Joshua Ben Joseph. Harishchandra. Rama. Shravana Kumar.

12. If I am the way, the truth and the life. If I have tasted ambrosia. If I have the water of life: isn’t it popular that to turn the other cheek to your enemies was popularized as Christian impact on Gandhi whereas it might have been Mahaveera actually? Maybe. Maybe both. Jesus lived in India according to Holger Kerstein.

13. Do violent people in these schools mentioned above qualify to profess Christianity? No. Should they be given grants in the name of the only begotten son who let himself be sacrificed? No. What about one who ran with a whip towards the shopkeepers in synagogue? Yes. They’re the ones running the show. They’re the ones who hanged him. They’re the ones who let my articles be published or send them to trash. Within a night more than 60 of my articles reached to trash.

Voltaire is again turning up in his grave!

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