Preparing For The Bundelkhand Marathon 2021 Part Two!

1. Bundelkhand is a region in middle India. Bundela rulers reigned here. The dialect spoken is Bundeli which also has some literature available on it. Deshraj Pateria who passed away this year used to sing many songs in Bundeli. Since my childhood- educators used to look down upon Bundeli whereas all the people in my locality including paternal aunts and uncles used to speak in Bundeli. This created a conflict: one among a multitude of countless others.

2. I got a candy which was made in Thailand. It was lying at the entrance to the iron pillar. The lion bearing the staff has its tail cut whereas the other one has no staff but tail is intact. It’s a puzzle. Those who know the answer know the mystery signed by Elise and Christophe.

3. I walked and ran for 1 hour 37 minutes. Captured Orion and full Moon.

Full Moon 29122020
The number 9

4. As i was getting bored i played vocabulary jams as i walked inside Shatabdi. There were four cows and one mule. Later a dog came. There were many cranes. It was a joy to walk on a road where only a few people were present after a long time.

5. Here’s a summary of my scores on jams:


First rank: thrice

Second rank: twice

Third rank: thrice

6. I completed reading 27 pages from Aditi and other deities in Veda by M. P. Pandit.

7. I registered 24 titles today.

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