Marooned means stranded, Raqib means all people, Aditi means dancing light of grace!

1. He hugged me for the second time in the fortnight. It means our relationship is improving. The last time he shared a Kit-Kat which brought memories of days when I used to share them with my batchmates in Chennai. It was Ashvini Dang who asked me to bring those to class. He was naturally a leader and played games with Sethu during first group induction. Richa used to call him ‘mand-buddhi’ but he was a jolly good fellow full of energy. He was lurking outside the Sri Aurobindo Samadhi because i was waiting for Ravneet. He made a comment on spot about my being obscene because he was into her by virtue of being Punjabi. Everyone was into her, Punjabi or non Punjabi.

2. His hug reminded me of Munna-Bhai. Because a call came. It seemed i got lucky. It seemed like most genuine among all people. One Arpit Gupta from Surat, Gujarat. Born in Rohtak Haryana. Makes 100 times more than me. Mota bhaai. I had attended a webinar on Data Analytics by Coding Invaders. What a name for a company. Killers. Spartans. I didn’t recall Alex. It seemed they were joking. One guy was lurking in the dark and it seemed he was mocking my video that i had shared with Sandra once. I asked a question about data-wrangling to Yulia Lund who was answering questions. She answered a bit late. After asking it thrice. Meanwhile, someone commented on my ‘professionalism,’ I took that much and launched myself into writing a Tohu verse.

3. Arpit Gupta didn’t recall any Yulia Lund but Alex. I was surprised. He reminds me of my batchmate who once in an auto taxi commented after seeing a fair girl who had only interacted with him once or twice: ” I am going to marry her,” and he married her to my surprise later on! He was from Raisen whereas Pooja was from Maharashtra.

4. He makes 100 times more than I do and says he’s looking to work with me long term. He’s a freelancer and also works for Coding Invaders. What kind of name is that. No, really?

5. I asked him if there was an agenda behind it. He said no. I really don’t know because I haven’t been this fortunate since 2012 to receive a good job offer.

6. The guy who hugged me was blinking his right eye like Ramsharan Patel who closed it while answering my questions as he sat taking his lunch. Vishaal was the name of young kid and now he said his name is Vicky. Strange indeed.

7. The guy who hugged me saves 8K per month. Among four of us he was mota bhai. I told him that. My rank was third. Despite my crystalline intelligence and verbal acumen. I have given him English coaching and yet he was fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time to make that kind of handsome income.

8. I walked about 1 hour 45 minutes and played at least 8 jams. I got second rank many times but not first rank. PC played too good. One Alex was also there. I was surprised because Arpit talked about one Alex who was there in the seminar. When Arpit called me regarding feedback I was in the middle of scrapping grass.

9. Truth realm universe is easy to enter into. Difficult to stay in. I was shown liquor bottles some days ago. Later they said madamouiselle uses them to keep seeds. Tez etcetera used to consume liquor it seems. People who work hard in Gaushala need that to relax. A similar setting was in place in Gyaan Gudri Jagannath Ghat premise for people who worked in Gaushala. Another scene- i find a liquor bottle under almirah number one clockwise or thirteenth counter clockwise. Is it a conceit or a remnant of an event. I have no clue.

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