Deendayal Rasoi Day 18!

1. Potatoes, chickpea and tomatoes curry in Deendayal Rasoi. Very delicious, without excess of salt or chilly. Fresh hot rotis and rice. I requested for a second serving of curry and they delivered it. The kid was taking dump outside, near bench. Open defecation! Then he kept calling some word loudly merely to hear the sound of his own voice to which I waved my left hand time-to-time as right hand was busy breaking rotis and then mixing rice with curry. Then i gave up and only continued with eyebrows. He also got mild after a while. The guy i had given ten rupees note to asked my name and i told it as it should be pronounced ideally. He corrected the surname with his pronunciation, which is, the trendy pronunciation i have heard all my life. One means white or brilliant and the other means born of brilliance. Since i was never born the identity doesn’t matter. Case closed.

2. There were kids playing cricket. Some snack stalls were beginning to flourish until Saturday. Sunday is a big market over there. The field beside the Deendayal Rasoi is very dirty. Lots of garbage. All I can do for now is to put a ten rupees detergent powder as my contribution which is used to wash plates. Not vim bar. The water cooler of 2018 accompanied billboards. Billboards are still there but most people who eat there are happy with tap water. I carry the water i bring. There was some registration drive outside the town hall. All that for ten rupees. It’s a good community.

Deendayal Rasoi Day 18

3. Yesterday evening as i was walking in the Shatabdi ground i continued to play vocabulary jams on i wanted to access YouTube for some work. As soon as i opened the app i saw an advertisement for live streaming of a program by Sawan Kripaal Roohani mission. I watched the program in which message given by Saint Rajinder Singh ji was being translated in another language. I heard it for a while and it looked tiring because of the translation delay. I moved on but i knew that i was going to notice some vehicle or the other today related to that stream of consciousness.

4. Today as i reached Gandhi Smarak Bhavan, i called the person i had borrowed ten rupees from. There are some people on a tour. The front of the van has ‘Ram Raja Sarkar’ written on windshield and the back has ‘Radha Swami’ written on it. The Radha Swami group was initiated by Rai Saligram as told by Tulsi Saahib of Hathras and Sawan Singh ji Maharaj initiated the faith in which Kripaal Singh ji emerged as a great missionary. The place where i went to take initiation was Kripaal Baag in Delhi. Like any cult, conditions are almost impossible to follow. Grandfather’s mission is being propagated by grandson. His father was the pontiff until he could serve. The same thing is observed in other faiths like Gayatri pariwar and in usual political parties. It’s not a rule but in general it’s the state of affairs.

5. The conditioning which takes place in the supervision of some parents requires children to be with them since beginning. Then the inheritance spiritual and material is given if they comply with their code of conduct. It’s a lot of bullshit if you ask me. Bullshit. Dogshit and horseshit. The journalist we talked about was there accompanying the people in van.

Note: i own my words, images and shite!

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