Silence of the Birds!

1. Cranes are roaming in the field. Yellow butterflies flutterby. A kingfisher is basking in the Sun on a branch of a tree. Its counterpart comfortably perched down near group of white birds. A bird on top of the hut before me looks for a while at me then looks right. Another blackbird on another branch. A kite is flying in the sky. I haven’t seen Magpie Robin since last few days. The sky has been portraying many visuals worthy of being appreciated.

2. I played five vocabulary jams. Kavita J was one of the top scorers. I intend to play more. In one of the jams where I got a score of 830, the timer of the quiz slowed down so much that we could all score 100 points on most of the questions. On other quizzes it often moves randomly: sometimes where I deserve 100 points I only get 40. Yet: it’s not to dispute superior skill of some players like PC and Claire G. They have been scoring consistently.

3. Filled water for kitchen.

4. Put the tall Gandhi picture back to library.

5. It was put before Gandhi statue for observing silence. The statue was established by some social servants about 70 years ago on Gandhi jayanti.

6. Plucked 54 marigold flowers from Biotic Farm.

7. Sweeped library floor. And verandah.

8. Helped remove chador after assembly ended.

9. Prayers, recitation of poetry and speeches.

Here are the pictures I could capture:

Madhya Pradesh Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur
Library, Gandhi Smarak Bhavan Chhatarpur
Photographer photographed: same guy who had a friend who filled library membership form but didn’t come back: husband of the naturopath
Madhya Pradesh Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur

3 thoughts on “Silence of the Birds!

  1. This is great… including the photos… can feel the warmth emanating… I especially like that one of the flip-flops/sandals in the doorway… the whole image/layout/light is lovely. 🔆🏛🌅

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