Ratsasan and Whitewash!

1. I watched Ratsasan, a Tamil thriller today. This was on my watchlist for long. I usually don’t write about movies these days to avoid giving half-hearted reviews. I watched ‘Bottom of the World’ and Summer Wars recently. Also going to watch The Father in which Anthony Hopkins has performed.

2. Ratsasan or Rakshan stands for demon. It’s about a psycho serial killer who is dressed somewhat like Norman Bates of Psycho.

3. Movie is beautifully made. I had to struggle with subtitles as I don’t know Tamil. Subtitles were not synchronised well with the movie. I tried couple of them but in vain. Characters are well developed and emotionally engaging. The protagonist as well as antagonist engage you emotionally in the narrative.

4. I have begun the third iteration of registering books in library. If I already mentioned that in another one of my posts: the library had a whitewash recently.

After Whitewash!

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