The Forest of Sonder!

You find yourself in a field where you neither know nor not know. You know what I am talking about? It's not easy to understand. Because we think we either know or we don't. We always think in black and white terms. It's not black and white. Knowing is to remove all discomfort. You feel you are at ease. Then you feel some discomfort without being able to put a finger onto a thing in particular. There's no way to express it. Then you feel you must be not aware, else, how could you be feeling uncomfortable? But then this in itself is a sign of cognition, of awareness.
It was raining. You had a coffee. A mirror appeared. It was a hazy mirror. You looked into it and it transported you into another dimension. It was the forest of life where trees, flowers and animals could all talk with eachother. It was raining even in this forest. You were peaceful.

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