The Natural State is Not An Experience

Experience is in duality. First, there’s the subject, the experience and also there’s the experienced. All of our activities are to avoid unpleasant and to increase pleasant , in both intensity and duration.

Traces of pleasant and unpleasant experiences remain in memory. Not just the knowledge derived therefrom but emotional outcomes too accumulate. They make up what’s called as Karma.

The natural state is not an experience. It can’t be captured by the experiencing structure. It’s the lack of any experience: therefore it’s also called void. In a way, deep dreamless sleep is also lack of experience. Its effects on body and mind are known as relaxation and rejuvenation but it leaves no conscious impressions. The natural state is a similar experience: with only difference that it includes in it the waking state as well. It’s a kind of wakeful sleep.

Poets and mystics have called it blissful mystic experience of sublime beauty. But it’s devoid of any characteristics of duality. Very absence of experience renders memory clean of emotional experience. Abiding in the natural state also erases previous stores of impressions.

To say that natural state is desirable is untrue. It’s actually accumulated traces of pleasant and unpleasant experiences which make the subject desire escape from them. The Duality, and Trinity of experienced, experiences and experiencer ceases in the natural state.

Any glorification of the natural state is false simply because there’s no one to be glorified in particular. It’s nobody’s achievement or business.

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