Hanuman chalisa and Vishnu Sahastranam!

1. Forty verses praising Hanuman were composed by Goswami Tulsidas, author of Ramcharitmanas. The climax declares: in the end the reader is born in Raghuvarapur as a devotee of Hari which is a name for Vishnu. Solar dynasty. It also declares that anyone reading it 100 times gets liberated and experiences great bliss.

2. 1000 names of Vishnu were composed by Ved Vyasa, son of sage Parashara, grandson of Bhrigu who was a son of Brahma the creator. The treatise claims that devotees of Vaasudev( one in whom reside all gods) are neither born nor die, nor become subject to any diseases or bondage.

3. There are no facts only interpretations. Nietzsche

4. This post has four blocks. It’s a fact.

One thought on “Hanuman chalisa and Vishnu Sahastranam!

  1. Time traveler’s comment: NASDAQ. NASA. Dakshinamurti. THAT. Shvetashvataropnishad. Is an atheistic or theistic school text depending on interpretations. Thanks for your valuable work. 19:00 Reno7 CHITA. RUSSIA. 1922022 Terence Tao Academy Pavilion.


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