Vallalar, Mahatma and Man of Peace

1. Ramalingam Paradeshi aka Vallalar was born in Cuddalore district, on 05101823 and disappeared on 30011874 from Chidambaram.

2. Vallalar means Philanthropist. He was one of the Tamil Jnana Siddhars. He’s widely regarded as the greatest Tamil poet of nineteenth century.

3. He composed hymns praising dancing light of Grace, emphasized creation of verses to praise lord of dancinglightofgrace; vegetarianism, humility. His compositions are known as Thiruvarutpa. His credo is known as Universal White Brotherhood of Light or Sanmaargam. He advised to feed poor and hungry people, their service as the highest path to gain Sanmaargam.

4. Sanmaargam is fifth in the types of liberation enumerated in Vedanta.

5. Saalokya, Saaroopya, Saameepya, Saayujya and Saarshti are five types of liberations in Vedanta.

6. Ramalingam composed 100 verses before his disappearance in bridal mystic tradition.

7. His star sign was Libra, Pisces, Libra(Sun, Ascendant, Moon.)[7127]

8. His birth path number was 5 and life path number was 2. (Mercury, Sun, Moon, Venus, Leo, Taurus.)

9. Vallalar’s verses have Geocentric views with a reference to a game played with the ball(Sun.)[144 is square of 12.]

10. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, aka Mahatma Gandhi was born on 02101869 in Porbandar (Kaathiyaawaad district) Gujarat state of British India. His body was cremated on 30011948 in Raajghaat, New Delhi.

11. His autobiography is known as My Experiments with Truth.

12. He said his life was his message.

13. His Star was Libra, Libra, Cancer(Sun, Ascendant, Moon.)

14. His birth path was 2(Moon, Venus) and life path was 9(Jupiter, Mars)(904)[Taurus, Sagittarius.]

15. Gandhi, akin to Ramalingam, Tesla and Donald Bradman was fond of long walks. His biography by Geoffrey Ashe says he used to walk 16 kilometres a day. Tesla’s biography on Wiki also talks about his walking long distances. Donald Bradman used to walk many miles every day. Gandhi was inspired by Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace), Ruskin Bond (Unto This Last.)

16. Laal Bahaadur Shastri was the second Prime minister of India. He was born on 02101904 in Mughalsarai, India and died on 11011966, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

17. He is also known as Man of Peace and Bharat Ratna. His birth path was 2(Moon, Venus) and life path was 8(Saturn, Mars). His Star was (Libra, Sagittarius, Virgo)(Sun, Ascendant, Moon)

18. He emphasized importance of Army and Farmers as they sacrifice their lives for the country. He used to swim a long distance in his childhood to cross the river to attend his classes. He was born in indigent circumstances and worked hard to become a Gem of India.

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