The Trip to Chita!

1. Articles 13 and 14 of constitution of India. Equality before law and exemption from certain laws in special cases(ex: article 31)

2. I went on a trip. The plan was to watch a football match in the local stadium. A tournament. Something else happened. There were some kids in the nets. There used to be a cricket academy couple of years ago which is not extant anymore.

3. I picked up my grains and started walking towards the next destination. The Railway station.

4. I met a neighborhood friend on my way who was heading towards a medical agency.

5. I promised to meet him later as he had offered me a lift for 30 meters. Strange; isn’t it? I intended to walk many kilometres but mere two blocks needed to be crossed-over via a lift. It’s strange indeed.

6. I heard a call from behind : “Anand.”

7. Pandit Goswami measures Paras Garments from ward no. 9 called out my name. I turned back, greeted him and asked if he had a Jockey underwear at his shop, to which he replied: “no, but we do have isha underwear.” I emphasized importance of getting the specific item I intended to buy. Then we exchanged our whereabouts.

8. I met the neighborhood friend on aforementioned medical shop as promised. He was buying medicines for his mother.

9. He has returned after taking an examination in Bhopal. He’s an aspirant for IES. Another exam to take next week. He broke the news of his elder cousin clearing first phase of screening test in a company.

10. I spoke to him about my new Pytm account. We scheduled a meeting for this evening. I counselled him to take it easy as two exams within a fortnight is not an easy affair. The meeting began after some delay as he had some other tasks to attend.

11. I bought a Chutki pouch for five rupees near Chandrashekhar Azad Square. It was the old icecream seller. Sahuji Barafwaale from old new panna naka. The bus stand for Panna has had way too many variations: what was is was is merry-go-round. A hodgepodge. A medley. A maze. A deja vu. A strange verisimilitude of etude. It’s a mixture of cardamom, catzu, betel nut, flavored natural substances. Mint. It is used as a mouth freshner. Not for minors.

12. I had a cup of tea outside the Chaay railway station. A cutting chai. It was worth five rupees. Pleasant in taste. Entered the premise with caution. Observed recent developments, cleanliness. Arrangements in the waiting rooms. Water is available, cleanliness is above average. Schedule for trains is clearly available at the tickets window. A lot of ongoing development. I kept walking besides the railway tracks. Took some pictures:

TimeStamp: 04:00 AM 14.2.2022. Revised and edited. Delhi. 2846 characters. Before someone claims a copyright violation: term ‘bareeb’ is a Homonym of Gareeb(transliteration for word Hindi word for noun ‘poor’) picked right off from Carry is live YouTube show. Only in tags. Accredited. As a void.

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