Holy Faiths Corporations Inc, India!

Chai Vibhag: The Tea Department Restaurant located in the Ward number 24 seems to be inspired by all the  Government and semi-government departments of Indian rural and urban communities. If you have watched Office-Office even once on TV, you know pretty much what tip of the iceberg is. The front is a scramble reading:

We Love Chai Vibhag in golden.

Golden Groups. The front shines. It’s the scramble which attracted me to sit and move out of my mental groove at first.


other than tea you have coffee, Maggie noodles, sandwich, cold drinks. I was confused by presence of Whiskey, Beer and Rum in this tea shop at first. After an interview with Brejesh Verma; the co-owner of plan which is run by young guys : I realized it’s for coffee/tea flavors. The menu had no such items when bottles which raised my suspicions about it being a place where drunkards joined to drink. Then I realized: they have no liquor license. Similar to people who hit me from behind without license on a HOLIDAY.

I have had Ginger tea, chocolate tea and coffee plenty of times. It beats other tea makers simply because of machinated, quick availability of tea and coffee for many people at once. Usually we used to have those only on occasion of festivals. This is akin to a pantry in an IT firm.


What’s with Pots created using kiln and earth?

Are they reusable?

How much do they cost?

Is Twitter especially helpful on Holika Festival?

The Zila Panchayat Chaurasiya Tea thela owner says :

“The kulhad is for free because I don’t reuse them.” I merely asked a couple of  questions and he begins with a barrage of abuses directed at all and sundry:

“How much is the cost of the tea? The stall owner was surprised and taken aback by this question. It’s ten rupees including for the kulhad.”

I was surprised to find rude reply by a person who is supposed to treat rich and poor alike.

Look at this Novelty Icecream shop owner outside the Excellence School Entrance Today:

The cart has printed prizes for various items: the first item reads: “American Dry Fruit @ 10 rupees.”

I ask the attendant: is American Dry Fruit available?

Answer: YES.

I break the piggy bank which has ten or fifteen rupees. Then approach this person again.

American Dry Fruit please.

It’s worth twenty rupees.

It’s not available.


It’s out of stock.

Why is it always out of stock?

Altercation. Argument. No solution.

All junk dealers, bankers, insurance frauds along with leaders are gradually showing their true colors. No respite from people who don’t keep ther words spoken or written. No value of Antyodaya, Sarvodaya or Development.

Cleanliness Survey is a JOKE if you walk through bus stand, market or main streets. Jobless people who are merely there to flatter Hanumaan Chaleesaa or certain billboard ducks or cats. Or caps.

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The message was loud and clear: don’t mess with police department especially on holidays. Junk shops are closed whereas all other markets are thriving. Especially markets in the police lines area. Friday market.

Someone hits me behind my back (Jawahar Panna Road Triple ride on a bike..most probably sons of traffic police department with a confirmation from Hindutva means everyone can beat anyone who’s an individual on account of a Holy license to every passerby on account of :

“Bura na maano Holi hai…”

provided they are walking alone on a road. Can’t look back and can’t note down the number of the vehicle.

When you CAN note down the numbers of vehicles you start questioning everything that ever happened to you. Like that FAKE traffic accident near SEETA MATA PRIVATE ITI in the year 2013 when it wasn’t even a signboard for an ITI.

A corrupt guardian and another corrupt brother are participants in an insurance fraud with the help of VYAPAM in the name of KARMA and JYOTISHA. The great astrologer had predicted that a chief justice would be made out of a daughter. Strange. The one who suffered most is told things about UDU dasha system. Gang of babas, saints and astrologers. Executed by a bunch of ruffians on a bike. Three of them without any helmets who hit head-on to a bike being driven by a BSNL employee who’s always in a hurry. The employee gets medical insurance and treatment. The schizophrenic brother who was already ailing : ails even more. The astrologer was also hit by such a triplet of bikers who abide by no rule.

Rings a bell?

LIC. Life Insurance Corporation.

JP Morgan Chase Bank. HDFC Life insurance. Consumer courts. Kings and queens of Kingdom of Bundelkhand, Bhopal and Bangalore. ( Edited on: 20:31 GMT 19.3.2022)

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I observed radiation sensitive zone near circuit house square being fully occupied by small businesses. The warning signs are useless. Birds and other animals flock at the place. Doesn’t ring any bells?

While I walk miles for a mere decent meal. Deendayal Upadhyaya Rasoi is a big flop even on a holiday in the Mela Ground. Leave 24*7. Not available even twice everyday for truly poor and homeless people.

Consistency is the name of failure for NGOs. Swacchh Bhaarat Data is so inflated that you might continue to repent ratings you are so proud of: flyovers and TV shows which only show new cities whereas: palaces and areas nearby are kept locked for inflation.

It continues: today I find out how valuable assets are rated by Junk dealers. They hardly do justice when it comes to weighing machines. Their standards and rates aren’t printed on a menu like restaurant owners.

Why not?

No written record for junk?


I spend a considerable amount of time to decipher recycling business with little gains. Edited: 20:35 19.3.2022 redited: 22.3.22

How many trials for communities which claim to be for common people?

Available at all hours?

I was surprised to find Chai Vibhaag restaurant open today at about 08:20 PM IST. I quickly ordered a tea to find it ready before I even said “Coffee.” No tea, simply because this facade was open for some special people. The Chaurasiya thela was gone. The Chai Vibhaag machinist tells me they have been open since twelve thirty this noon IST.

Was he telling a lie through his teeth? I can’t say. I was sitting nearby at about the same time with none of the shops open. There seemed no possibility of the shop opening as Brejesh Verma had told about it being closed only for a day. Maybe it opened in evening and they were enjoying like they’re enjoying now.

Maybe Chai Vibhaag is only a front for alcoholic beverages. Maybe.

All places are holy…and some places are holier than MOST.

Twitter and other services and networks fail to deliver when it comes to true North.

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Deendayal Rasoi and other such NGOs are a sham.

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  1. My Momma always said and repeated as part of her mammatra of wisdom: It’s easier to be a critic than a Playwrite. So some of my criticisms, ya might just take with a pinch of salt.

    The perversion of the Torah to statute law codifications made famous by Reshonim scholars during the Middle Ages has profoundly changed the purpose and k’vanna of the whole of the Torah — far worse than the criminal post Ghetto travesty of law, made by the Reform rabbis during the 19th and 20th Centuries.

    Common Law does not exist as legal codifications of positive & negative commandments. Common Law does not exist as Halachic codifications as exemplified in the Rambam’s statutory law books commonly known as the יד החזקה. The son of Asher rejected the kabbalah of Common Law taught by his father the Rosh. Karo sniffed the butt of Baal Ha’Turim and produced his Shulchan Aruch abomination.

    Why “abomination”? This perversion of Yiddishkeit, it compares in magnitude to the damage caused by the Jesus false messiah movement, commonly known today as Xtianity. The Gemarah does not contain majority and minority opinions. This false presentation of Jewish Common Law, perverted by the conversion of Yiddishkeit by assimilated rabbis into Statute Law, it fails to acknowledge and validate the codification of valid source precedents! Source precedents requires further research as to other source precedents. The scholarship of the Gemarah, it makes a study which searches for source precedents based upon the majority and minority opinions codified within the pages of the Mishna.

    Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz gives an interview, the subject – the Talmud. The man bumbles and stumbles, he has absolutely no clarity what so ever. The Mishna functions through a Common Law format. The Gemarah learns by means of precedents. All common law legal formats equally employ as a basic requirement, they demand valid precedents.

    The Mishna employs a Case/Rule style format. The Gemarah continually contrasts and compares the decisions applicable to the conclusion of a Case\Rule Mishna,,, compared to the decision made upon the opening Case, of this exact same Mishna; what distinguishes the rulings on this & that Case study? Steinsaltz jabbers over and again about “Jewish Oral Law”, yet never once does he address Oral Law as logic, a huge fundamental error … a gigantic hole in his Titanic of learning Sha’s. This pathetic rabbi fails to address the distinction between Torts and Capital Crimes Common Law Courtrooms. He fails to address the Gemarah style of ‘Difficulty\Answer’ as Prosecutor/Defense justices within a common law court room.

    He fails to address the most essential Warp + Weft relationship within the Gemarah touching Halachah + Aggaditah. The Talmud + T’NaCH weaves a fabric of Jewish faith. Steinsaltz fails to point out that the תרי”ג commandments of Torat Moshe exists as a Common Law format. In equal fashion he fails to address the NaCH Books of the Prophets,,, too organized as a Common Law codification, based upon the Written Torah precedent!

    Steinsaltz fails to teach that the prophets commanded mussar. This prophetic mussar defines the יסוד of the 5th Book of דברים otherwise known as the משנה תורה. He perverts the sealing of the Primary texts of the Jewish faith by the false-metaphor of “freezing the water”. What complete and utter narishkeit.

    The sealing of the Primary Masoret traditions, this decision taken by the Sages of Israel, throughout our history as a people on this Earth, centers upon maintaining an inheritance, so to speak, a DNA code, which unites all Jews, irregardless of their original national “Race”, as sharing an identical tradition upon which all generations of Jews build their faith, commonly known by the collective term — Judaism.

    If you freeze the heart of a person, that person dies. Steinsaltz “freezing the water” complete and utter narishkeit merits nothing short of absolute and total contempt. His translation of the Talmud into simple Hebrew compares with the colossal numb-skull gross criminal error made by both the Rambam and that brain-dead silly copycat Jacov ben Asher, author of the Tur statute Halakhah codification. The perversion of Talmudic common law to statute law, made early in the Middle Ages, this accursed perversion of the k’vanna of both T’NaCH and Talmud merits nothing short of the ejection of rabbinic authorities, from their glorified perch, as the teachers of Jewish cultural inheritance and Traditions – authorities upon Jewish Law.

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  2. The Next פרק of the Book of ויקרא, it contains 6 סוגיות. The first סוגיא, א:יד – יז, ב: א – ג, ב: ד, ב: ה,ו. ב: ז- יג, ב: יד -טז. The Torah learns by means of משנה תורה precedents. Thereafter, Books of the later Prophets too serve as precedents whereby a scholar learns the mussar commandments of the Torah. This sh’itta (method) of learning the Written Torah as the first Common Law codification, this most essential precedent of how to correctly learn the Torah, it proves conclusively that the NaCH Order\Codification likewise organized as through the sh’itta of common law. Hence the Talmud learns likewise through this common law sh’itta.

    The attempts made by Reshonim scholarship to learn the Written Torah down to its simple פשט, which some understood as grammar, contrasts with Rashi’s unique sh’itta of learning פשט. He affixed Midrash and Aggaditah to a specific verse. Rashi’s exceptionally terse language did not explain the logic by which he accomplished his utterly amazing commentary upon the Chumash. Oral Torah logic, classically taught one on one with a Rabbi to a pupil. Alas even before the Rambam Civil War, many if not most rabbinic authorities had lost the skill\wisdom of the פרדס Oral Torah logic. Hundreds of super commentaries written on the Rashi Chumash commentary. Personally have not seen a single post Rashi commentary which understood the פרדס system of logic.

    This absolute disaster serves as proof of the brutal realities of g’lut. The harsh environmental conditions which threatened the very continued existence and survival of g’lut Jewry. Scattered by the Romans, following the 3 Wars which resulted in our total defeat. Jews, thrown into g’lut, defeated, decimated survivors of those brutal revolts; sold as slaves, forced to live in hostile societies who hated and detested the ‘cursed wandering Jews’. ‘Condemned by God to forever wander the earth’, as despised and detested refugees – who have no rights.

    The vast majority of the Jewish people under these conditions assimilated, embraced, and copied the cultures and customs of the societies wherein they struggled to survive and continue to exist. The same realities equally affected Sephardi and Ashkenazi g’lut Jewry. The halachic codes made by the B’hag, Rif, and Rosh they sharply contrast against the later works produced by assimilated scholars like the Rambam, the Tur, the Shulchan Aruch, and the ghetto Polish commentaries made upon that latter worthless code of statute law.

    The day and night difference between Rashi’s commentary and the later super commentaries upon Rashi … they closely compare to post Rambam Civil War Talmudic scholarship which clearly had no knowledge of the פרדס Oral Torah logic format — designed to employ this unique sh’itta of logic to interpret the Written Torah mussar commandments. The rabbinic authorities after the Rambam, they compare to herds of buffalo who run off the edge of a cliff, chased by leaves blowing into the wind.

    Post Shoah, many Israelis utterly despised the Shoah survivors. Israeli society viewed their willingness to simply walk passively to their deaths as an absolute disgrace which revealed their despicable cowardness. Following the Eichmann Trial, Israelis embraced a different point of view. We had a better grasp of the horrors of the Nazi war crimes. We thereafter better understood and recognized the horrid plight of European Jewry.

    Sephardi rabbinic authorities in mass, they volunteered to kiss the butt of ancient Greek philosophers. This decision compares to the plight of Shoah survivors. It therefore requires that later generations strive to appreciate and understand the harsh physical environment which directly challenged our Jewish survival as a people.

    The facts testify to their defense: Jewish communities they did survived, despite taxation without representation, arbitrary expulsions, absolute poverty and destitute misery, constant slanders, degradations and humiliations. Consequently rabbinic Judaism merits more than simple pity. Rabbinic Judaism, church Priests and Pastors, they often persecuted those Rabbinic authorities first, and only thereafter butchered & slaughtered the hapless Jewish common man. The Shach (1622-1663), a Polish lord murdered him as a sacrifice.

    Jews, my Yeshiva peers, who study the Shulchan Aruch, virtually all view the commentaries made by the Shach and his son in law the TaZ, as absolutely essential to understand that statute law codification. Rav Nemuraskii chose to reveal the פרדס logic system only to myself. My peers who did not learn this definitive sh’itta of Rabbi Akiva, they do not merit contempt for their ignorance.

    Post Shoah Israel, perhaps we compare to a turtle that slowly emerges from within its protective shell. 2000+ years of g’lut, even after the attainment of National Independence as a People, only slowly do the differences emerge which distinguish a free independent nation from despised refugee populations who endured harsh environments in g’lut societies. All of whom, with the big exception of the United States, have generally abhorred and detested the existence of Jewish refugees within their borders. Some South American governments, of the Catholic new world, immediately after WWII, with the blessings of Poop Pius XII, openly embraced and concealed Nazi War criminals.

    With this preamble introduction completed,,, let’s learn. A slightly distant precedent דברים יז: ח – יג. The mussar instruction of the משנה תורה contrasts with the non-commandment Oleh bird offering. The משנה תורה obligates our bnai brit allied People to present our disputes before lateral common law courts. A precise exact precedent, כד: א-ד. The mussar instruction here compares the Cohen bnai brit alliance among our people to a divorced and remarried woman. That woman’s first husband, should not despise and detest his ex-wife. In like manner, Jews who have a dispute with other Jews, we need to respect our alliance together as a People.
    Consider ישעיה ג: טז – יז as a precedent which supports the k’vanna of this mussar.

    The משנה תורה now weighs the mussar k’vanna toward a meal offering dedication. A slightly removed precedent, דברים ה: יב – טו. The instruction compares the brit relationship with our people to honoring and respecting shabbot from chol. The brit relationship sets our people apart from all other Goyim on the Planet Earth, just as shabbot stands separated from the days of chol. Another slightly removed precedent: ח: יט – כ. The mussar here stands on the יסוד of the disgraceful behavior of the brothers of Yosef. If we despise and hate our people, how can we honor our oath brit relationship with HaShem?

    A exact precise precedent: טו: ז – יא. Here the Torah compares giving a loan, when requested by the poor among our people,,, even if the shmitta year approaches. Respecting the dignity of even the poor among our people, it measures and defines the precondition of loving HaShem with all our wealth; as expressed through the language of the kre’a shma. A precedent which supports this mussar, ישעיה א:א-ט.

    Shall learn the next three סוגיות as one intact סוגיא: ב: ד – יג. A distant not precise precedent, דברים ב: ח – ל. This mussar precedent compares the negative commandment, not to make war upon Moav, despite the decree which bans all Moav males from becoming Jewish. Irregardless, the Avraham/Lot family relationship merits respect. This mussar makes reference to the Wilderness generation. Learned in context, that cursed generation clearly they would not and did not respect the oath brit alliance cut among and between the nation of Israel @ Sinai and Horev.

    The king of Sichon, he informed Avraham of the capture of Lot. None the less, this does not compare to the alliance which Avraham and Lot swore to one another. The language: HaShem hardened his spirit and heart against Israel, it compares to a similar language touching Par’o in Egypt in the days of Moshe.

    A much closer, but still slightly removed precedent: ה: א – י. The Oral Torah brit explanation of the revelation of Horev’s interpretation of the Sinai experience. Only Israel accepted this revelation, which resembles a 10 commandment statute law! To discern between Common vs. Statute law — it compares to differentiate respect for our bnai brit people from all other Goyim; both this and that live as human beings. Our assimilated failure, to differentiate between our shared oath alliance cut between ourselves, from alien Goyim who have no such oath alliance – effectively guarantees bringing Torah curses upon our heads, and upon the heads of our children and their children etc.

    Contrast a distant precedent: ו: כ – כה. On Pesach night the question asked by the wise child, together with its תשובה. All generations of Israel came out of Egypt. Hence our people strongly advised to always separate the k’vanna of our behavior toward our own people, as contrasted by non bnai brit Goyim – family first.

    Another slightly distant precedent: דברים טו:יב – כג. Sending away the Eved Iveri, respecting his dignity and giving him the means to start his life over again. The bnai brit folk have an obligation to for-ever remember our deliverance from Egyptian slavery. An exact and precise precedent: כד: יז – כה: יט The positive commandment to guard the dignity of the poor and weak among our people. Court room righteous justice, when our people dispute among ourselves – this compares to respecting the dignity of the fatherless and widow. The יסוד of respect, equally applies also even to all domestic animals under our command.

    In like and equal measure the positive commandment of Yevbum. Protecting and respecting the dignity of our people, the positive commandment to protect ‘their’ backs. This positive commandment equally expressed through our business practices among and between our bnai brit people. A popular opinion, that we Jews have lost the ‘fear of heaven’ to do the mitzva of Yevbum. If so then we have equally lost the ‘fear of heaven’ to practice honest and straight business dealings with our people.

    Absolutely no difference between the positive commandments of Yevbum and honesty in business. Both require ‘fear of heaven’. The master of a good name, builds a reputation – shared among his neighbors, that that righteous man guards the backs of his bnai brit people. He gives them heart, during hard times when they endure anguish and distress. Unlike the ”’friends”’ of Job. A precedent learned from ישעיה ט:יג – י:לב, the prophet gives a exceedingly bitter and very harsh g’lut mussar.

    The closing סוגיא of ויקרא פרק ב: By now משנה תורה common law, obvious to all, the sharp day and night difference between this type of legal system from that of Statute law, as expressed in the tumah codes of the Rambam, Tur, and Karo codes. The Book of ויקרא opens with the kleppot shells of religious korbanot ritualism. This 3rd Book of the Torah absolutely requires the משנה תורה to understand the k’vanna of these positive time oriented commandments. Worlds separate the substance of tefillah, from the forms of the written Siddur.

    The substance of government, the current leaders calling the shots. The forms of government, the halls of Congress or the Knesset building. The sharp contrast between the substance vs. the forms of Government. The Prime Minister together with his Cabinet, who devises and determines State strategic and tactical policies. Far removed and different from the buildings wherein these leaders conduct the business of State. In like manner the k’vanna which requires that the Moshiach builds the Beit Hamikdash.

    A slightly distant precedent: דברים יב: כט – יג:א. The P’sach killing of the first born contrasts with assimilation which arouses the desires to pursue the customs manners practices and ways of Goyim societies who never accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai & Horev. Another slightly removed precedent: כג:כב – כד. The forms of korbanot intrinsically depend upon the k’vanna of the oaths and vows sworn by the person who dedicates a korban, holy to HaShem. This closing סוגיא has no precise משנה תורה precedent. But ישעיה כז:יב – כח:ד functions as an exact precedent. Here the mussar differentiates between the gaulah of Yechudah, from the klippah g’lut of Ephraim. Woe to the statute halachah fools, who confuse the forms of halachic ritualism. With the substance of k’vanna, required by all positive time oriented commandments – dedicated as a korban – holy to HaShem. HaShem commands the substance of k’vanna of positive time oriented commandments … not the forms of halachic ritualism and worship.

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                  1. A simple question addressed to those who have read my commentary to ויקרא and embrace the Xtian faith.

                    The P’rushim … translated into Greek and later into English as pharisees … they taught Oral Torah Common Law which Rabbi Yechudah Ha’Nasi of the Great Sanhedrin later codified into the Books known as the Mishnah. As a Xtian, how do you explain your messiah’s absolute contempt for the teachers of the Oral Torah common law legal system? Have clearly shown the משנה תורה commandment which makes such behavior expressed by your messiah as a Capital Crime worthy of the death penalty.

                    How do you explain the blatant contradiction where your messiah tells his students to obey the Courts judicial legislative review of the statute laws imposed by Herod … and yet behaves with absolute disrespect to the people who taught how the judges of the courts logically made their common law prophetic mussar interpretations of the intent of the statute laws imposed by Herod’s government?

                    This glaring contradiction, have never seen any Xtian “authority” ever once address this elephant in the china closet. As a Jewish outsider to the Xtian faith, it seems to me that the failure of religious Goyim who pour their hearts and soul over the new testament, the failure of all generations of Xtians to grapple with this fundamental contradiction within the gospel books … it definitively proves that Xtianity in all its many branches despises the Torah, the Prophets, and the Holy Writings which make up the common law codification known as the T’NaCH.

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  3. How could new testament believing Goyim who accept the Pauline doctrine that Torah law does not apply to them … it amazes me that Goyim fail to learn the Torah as a defined common law legal format??!!!  Paul plays a critical role in the formation of the new testament mythologies.  Yet church “scholars” totally fail to differentiate between Common Law and Statute Law when they interpret the Hebrew T’NaCH.

    For Xtian theologians to validate the Pauline doctrine and afterwards totally ignore the Pauline doctrine … not a single Xtian scholar ever made a stab at understanding the Torah as a legal system of law.  Not a single Xtian scholar ever once discerned the distinction between Common Law as opposed to Statute Law, based upon the 613 commandments?!   This fundamental contradiction proves that the church fathers prioritized their post theological dogmatism over and above even the Noise – new testament – texts themselves.  Proof that the early fathers of the church did not treat the Noise – new testament – with anything that remotely resembles respect.

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      1. The 6th chapter of Leviticus: ויקרא … ד:א – יב. The introduction of the כהן המשיח the Moshiach

        The concept of a “Sin” dedication compares to a woman going to the mikveh after counting 11 clear days without any menstrual blood clots. A more accurate translation for a korban חטא, a sacrifice for purification from tumah. What causes a Man – any man – even the king or messiah, to go off track in the tohor path which the Torah commands? Answer: Tumah spirits dominating within the heart of that Man.

        The mussar of a korban of purification from tumah clearly stands upon the יסוד of t’shuvah. To walk the tohor path before HaShem most essentially requires צנועה, often translated as “modesty”. The Torah here learns the attribute of צנועה as it applies to Men, and equally to Women. A woman counts her 11 days in צנועה. A woman during her “time”, she does not publicize to all Humanity that she has wears white underwear, and daily runs a test by inserting a cotton strip, to guarantee that she has had no emissions of blood. The middah of צנועה measures the success of the Yatzir Ha’Tov, its dominance over the Yatzir Ha’Rah within the hearts of all bnai brit Men and Women.

        Perhaps lust for sex serves as the best metaphor for the tumah spirits which course through the blood of bnai brit Torah Man. A lust for sex, these powerful desires and emotions, they impact the internal thoughts hidden within the heart. The language of the Torah which addresses the subject of a offering of purification from tumah, it employs a צנועה language. The struggle of all humanity centers around the sex drive within all of us.

        The essential struggle between the tohor and tumah Yatzirot, each has its time of the month in both Men and Women straight across the board. A man can almost dedicate the blessing unto HaShem, known as Birkat Hagomel, throughout his or her life. Just on this one fierce struggles alone, battled within the heart, the battle over all matters of ערוה\sexuality.

        All persons would do well to deeply consider this fundamental reality which defines our walk before HaShem, each and every day of our lives. The tumah דיוק made upon צנועה, most clearly exists through the desire for ערוה. Human beings breathe sexuality. The story of king David and Bathsheva teaches this strong mussar to all generations forever.

        צנועה\ערוה serve as the opposing book ends that contains the “book of life” library of all bnai brit societies and civilizations throughout eternity in time. The false notion of ירידות הדורות does not change this eternal struggle which defines the Soul of all generations of bnai brit, the chosen כהן המשיח nation, and our walk before HaShem. The Sages denounce masturbation, as possibly the best example of tumah ערוה, buried deep within the hearts of everyone of our people.

        Every dog has his or her day under the Sun. The books contained within the צנועה\ערוה book ends, most essentially they quietly tell an Aggadic story which depicts the character development of each and every one of us. King David ruled unchallenged, and then he chanced to behold Bathsheva! And this event changed the course of Jewish history.

        A korban Oleh and Shalom, both share common middot with the korban חטא and its וודוי dedication of t’shuvah before HaShem.
        A slightly removed precedent דברים ה:ו – טו. The worship of avodah zarah directly compares to the Yatzir of ערוה today. The mussar of this משנה תורה precedent compares Oral Torah middot to the commandment headlines as expressed through the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai. In similar fashion the distinction between different korban dedications likewise compares to Oral Torah middot.

        An even more removed precedent ו: י – יט. The shallow reactionary tumah Yatzir within us, has no time to compare the present situations with similar past situations. Just as the News organizations across the world publish their noise propaganda. Good trees had to die to spread shallow reactionary nonsense rhetoric which promotes a particular Government’s skewed perspective, designed to shape how the common man perceives world events.

        A bit closer but still not precise precedent טו: א – יא. The mitzva of shemitah, it fundamentally, so to speak, “racially segregated” our behavior toward bnai brit allies, as opposed to foreign non Jews. This mitzva compares to shabbot, both share a common middah of הבדלה. In similar vein, the Yom Tov chaggagim, they too stand separate and apart from festivals celebrated by Goyim.

        A slightly distant precedent כג: ב – ז. Tumah personalities which have a permanent stain upon their souls. The mussar commands – avoid their company. A precise precedent כג: כב – כד: יג. The mussar hear opens to what seems to me the mitzva of writing a sefer Torah through a designated sofer. This latter mitzvah compares to making a vow. Remarriage of a divorced wife who married another man, compares to harvesting the crops of another man’s field. Such behavior pollutes the soul, on par with Midian hiring Bil’am to curse Israel.

        Perhaps the most essential mussar learned from coming out of Egyptian slavery, the obligations which our forefathers cut an oath brit to respect the dignity of our people, irregardless of their station and status in this world. The tumah Yatzir arouses a דבר ערוה, it views poor folk, for example, as beneath the status of your honor.

        A precise mussar learned from ישעיה, the precedent ג: יג – ד: ו.

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              1. The 8th chapter of Leviticus: ד: כב – כו. The conclusion of the 5th Aliya to Parshat ויקרא

                This chapter specifically commands the korban of purification of Moshiach to the leaders of the nation. The korban of purification began with the subject of נפש כי תחטא, then address this subject to כל עדת ישראל. Followed by the next פרק which applies the korban of purification to נפש אחת תחטא. The korban of purification, which this commentary refers to, as the korban Moshiach, this mussar clearly applies to all bnai brit folk who comprise the “Jewish nation”, in all generations, which our People live and walk before HaShem.

                This, the opening Parsha of ויקרא, it rejects the notion of Moshiach as a one shot affair as depicted by the new testament abomination. The counterfeit Roman\Greek theology of Father, Son, Holy Spirit Trinity represents a Second Temple period fraud, foisted by Goyim as representing the original intent of the Torah. Goyim, they know absolutely nothing concerning the dedication of Avodat HaShem, which the Written Torah commands; the threat of כרת decreed upon all who attempt avodat HaShem who breath tumah spirits. No avodat HaShem can occur without breathing tohor spirits. The “holy spirit” avodah zarah perversion preached by that debased “sister religion” – never not even once – addresses this critical issue.

                This commentary offers the tumah din of כרת, as evidence that Goyim of both “sister religions” (of avodah zarah), that the followers of both forms of “strange worship”, the protagonists Goyim of both religions, who make the claim that they worship the tohor God of Israel, that their membership followers, they all lack “fear of heaven”. Therefore the believers of both counterfeit religions, they all worship foreign alien tumah Gods. Cursed Gods which the 2nd Commandment of the Sinai revelation of the Written Torah @ Sinai commands Israel not to worship.

                Why cursed Gods? The prophet Moshe commands Life or Death, blessing or Curse. As the violation of eating the fruit of the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil brought death upon Humanity. Based upon this Torah precedent, the worship of other Gods, likewise brings death unto Humanity. The study of Torah commandments, they all learn by way of Torah precedents … Common Law. The counterfeit religions of avodah zarah both of these foreign alien forgeries fail to learn the Common Law Way which the Torah commands.

                Both reject this “Way”, and consequently both despise the Oral Torah logic system which systematically compares and learns mitzvot from other mitzvot. Both tumah religions replace belief in theological declarations of faith with the Oral Torah logic system by which the latter emphatically compares mitzvot to other mitzvot as the Way to study and learn the Torah. Both replacement theologies declare that either Jesus or Mohammad stand as “the Way” to approach God. Islam declares to a strict Monotheism adherance belief theology. Irregardless that such an absurd notion violates the 2nd Commandment of the Sinai revelation. Both tumah religions emphatically embraced the rediscovery of the ancient Greeks schools of philosophy which teach completely different logic formats, as expressed through the writings of Plato and Aristotle.

                Both tumah religions make strong efforts to negate and invalidate the existence of the Oral Torah logic sh’itta\method of learning the Written Torah Way that understands Written Torah commandments by and through comparison with other Torah commandments. The logic formats of both Plato and Aristotle, neither made the study of Written Torah commandments the chief focus of their logic formats. Oral Torah logic, as expressed to Common Law precedents, stands in stark contrast. The Oral Torah sh’itta of logic serves only to attain a depth understanding of the תרי”ג commandments, like as the Gemarah of the Talmud, that it serves only to attain a depth understanding of the Mishnah common law Courtroom rulings which establish halachah.

                T’NaCH prophetic command mussar. This basic and fundamental reality, Talmudic aggaditah likewise expresses and instructs . If a person can do no more than simply regurgitate the printed words contained within those texts – what a disgrace. Rote learning represents a style of education associated with small children whose mental capabilities have yet to mature and fully develop. Parroting words from either the T’NaCH or Talmud, compares to the praise parents give their small children when they first learn how to read. Adults who learn in similar fashion as do young children in pre-school, merit pity, derision, and contempt — pathetic morons.

                Weigh the mussar commanded by ישעיה in יא:ו — ונער קטן נהג בם. The common law codification, as expressed through all the Books of the Prophets, learns a clause contained within a larger sugia in contexts with the subject matter addressed by the larger sugia. Propaganda rhetoric, by sharp contrast employs a defined style; it divorces a specific from its larger contexts. Propaganda rhetoric employs half-truths to deceive its “sheeple” patsy, easily manipulated or victimized child-like victims.

                Common law does not rely on clauses taken out of context, like as defines the new testament avodah zarah. A clause specific can however define the general contexts – intent. The sugia of ישעיה which contains this specific clause: יא: א – ט. The logic of Oral Torah common law employs a discipline of comparing a sugia with closely related precedent sugiot. This commentary shall bring two precedent similar sugiot in ישעיה and another precedent similar sugia as located in the Books of first שמואל then followed by a precedent in the Book of מלכים.

                The first exact precedent ישעיה ח:טז – ט: ו. The theologies preached by the tumah religions of avodah zarah, centers upon telling “children” what they must believe. These tumah religions do not concern themselves with justice and restitution of damages inflicted by the strong upon the weak. If “children” rebelled and refused to bark the Party Line, both religions murdered those heretic rebellious children. Or they ostracized, and forced them to live as part of a ghetto-like inferior race subclass which – descent, acceptable society rightly abhorred.

                A second precedent witness from ישעיה, examine כז: יג – כח: טו. The prophet condemns both Cohen and prophet for their failure to rule the land with justice, through the rhetorical metaphor of a table polluted by vomit; who lack fear of heaven and do avodat HaShem while in a condition of tumah. The Torah commands the mussar of g’lut, Aggaditah learns the k’vanna of the g’lut of Adam from the Garden, as the יסוד opposite “דיוק”, of life in the oath sworn lands. The Torah does not teach, much less so – it does not command the perversion of the Original Sin guilt trip doctrine; whose theology attempts to justify the death and resurrection of JeZeus, as the savior from the curse from Original Sin, whose theology condemns all Humanity to death. The hole in the balloon of this empty rhetoric propaganda: it fails to define from the Torah the meaning of the terms Life and Death.

                All Humanity did not accept the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai. Therefore, even when prophets, Yonah for example did address Goyim, the mussar of their prophecy limits the priority scope of their address, to the chosen bnai brit Cohen nation. That Goyim who reject the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai, yet for a short time repent when hearing a prophetic rebuke, like as happened when the rough Seas went still after casting Yonah off the ship, this mussar serves as a disgrace upon the Cohen nation, who does accept the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai. Our failure to do t’shuvah – based upon the mussar which the prophets command.

                Shall bring now the prophet Shmuel as a witness. שמואל א י:יז – כב. The prophet reminds Israel of the first and second commandments of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai. As the people rejected HaShem as their King, so too after the prophet anointed Shaul as king, HaShem would reject him and his house as king. The later anointing of the house of David, teaches a completely different mussar as taught within this precedent sugia.

                Another precedent witness מלכים ב יא: ד – יב. Many have filled the title and role of false messiah. This closing witness precedent offered as conclusive proof that the Yatzir Ha’Rah arouses passions within all Humanity which worships not only avodah zarah but false messiahs as well.

                This introduction serves as the perspective by which to learn this the 8th chapter of the first Parshah of the Book of ויקרא. Shall now examine this פרק of the Torah based upon the precedent mussar which the משנה תורה both interprets its k’vanna and commands the matter of the heart of the Moshiach anointing applicable to Klall Yisrael forever and to all generations.

                A slightly distant precedent דברים ז: יב – טז. Torah blessing springs forth upon the chosen Cohen nation when we detest assimilation and despise assimilation to foreign cultures customs manners and ways. Another slightly distant precedent יז: א – ז. The opening p’suk rejects as an abomination the new testament attempt to compare the brutal torture of that false messiah imaginary man as a korban sacrifice which sanctifies the Name. Worship of a tumah false messiah, declaration of any man as God, qualifies as a Capital Crime which merits the most severe form of Capital punishment – death by stoning.

                Why does death by stoning qualify as more severe than decapitation by sword? Death by stoning mutilates the body. Bodily mutilation, learns from the negative commandment against making tatoos upon the flesh. Another precedent, the positive commandment to limit the number of lashes inflicted upon a רשע to a maximum of 40 lashes. Bodily mutilation exposes a contempt for the person – the criminal – so punished.

                The exact precedent כב:ה – כג: ב. The positive commandment to shoo away the mother from her eggs or chicks teaches the mussar that respect for the dignity of others, even applies to animals. A person who falsely accuses his wife of having had tumah sexual relations with others receives both lashes, a large fine, and loses the power to ever divorce his wife when she challenges the divorce. The multiple case precedents included center upon the protection and preservation of dignity of others.

                An exact precise precedent learned from the mussar instruction of the prophet יהושע .יט:נא – כ:ט. Torah justice centers upon respecting and protecting the dignity of our People. The extreme case, represented by the commitment to protect a person who flees from the blood avenger who killed a person through an accident. By respecting the dignity of our People, this most essential criteria, it separates Jews ruling our homelands – from Jews enduring the trials of g’lut oppression and injustice.

                ישעיה א: כא – לא another mussar precedent which understands the k’vanna of the 8th chapter of ויקרא. Avodah zarah prioritizes belief in the theology and dogmas of the Gods whom priests and other religious authorities demand that the people believe the Creeds determined by the elders of that religious abomination. The Torah by sharp and distinct contrast prizes the solemn brit commitment by the judges – both Cohonim and prophets – to sanctify the oath brit commitment of dedication to respect the dignity of all the bnai brit people — irregardless of their social status within our civilization.


  4. The 7th chapter of Leviticus: ד: יג – כא The obligation on the entire nation of cohonim to dedicate tohor middot unto HaShem

    Chapter 6 serves as a specific which interprets the k’vanna of the General subject of the dedication of Moshiach by all generations of the brit cohen chosen people.  

    A very distant precedent, דברים ב: ח – טז.  Despite hiring Bil’am to curse Israel, the Torah respects the terms of the oath alliance wherein Lot departed from the house of Avraham, prior to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  This precedent compares the giants that inhabited the territories of both Lot and Esau to the giants of Canaan.  It gives heart to the cohen nation, something like it they can conquer their homelands then so too can Israel make a similar accomplishment.  

    The tohor middah of giving heart unto our People, especially during times of war, perhaps the central pillar represented by the qualities of a good eye.  The middah of giving heart does not compare to flattery or compliments.  Giving heart to others, closely compares to causing “others” to feel confident that should trouble arise, they feel confident  that you will guard their backs.

    Another distant precedent ד:מא – ה: ה.  The g’lut 3 Cities of Refuge serve as an example of a good eye attribute of the oath alliance brit faith, which defines the Cohen nation.  A closer but still distant precedent: יד: כב – כז.  A specific toward a good eye, respecting the dignity of the Tribe of Levi.

    Another distant precedent טז: יח – כב.  The irony between common law justice, “compared” to the tumah of avodah zarah.  Why irony?  Avodah zarah proclaims itself as righteous.  Something like the words of a false prophet.

    An exact precedent כד: יד – כה: טז.  Here the Torah makes a דיוק upon the term חטא.  (See כד: טו).  The sanctity of a purification dedication, centers upon remembering the oppression our people endured as Egyptian slaves.  The commitment holy to HaShem never to treat our own people in such a disgraceful fashion. 

    The justices of the Courts have an obligation to protect the dignity of criminals among our people, just as the wealthy have an obligation to protect the dignity of the poor among our people.  In similar vein the k’vanna of Yebum among brothers, based upon the brit faith that a man would not die childless. 

    In similar fashion the Torah instructs how a wife should conduct herself with her husband during a conflict with some other.  The mussar then extends to doing business in the marketplace.  This last closing comparison learns by כל עשה עול, meaning בן בלי עול – person(s) who betray the oath alliance with our people; such tumah personalities possess the attribute of an evil eye.

    A precise mussar precedent learned by ישעיה. לב:א – לג: יב teaches the k’vanna of the dedication of the purification of the national Moshiach that sanctifies generations of Israel as holy.  The concept of holy, this term of dedication unto HaShem contains blessing & curse.  The dedication of purification of the Moshiach, swings a double edged sword.

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  5. Common law diverges from statute law in that Courts rule on dispute Cases brought before the Courts and these courtroom rulings make Case Law. Statute law by contrast comes from government legislature and executives.

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      1. The 10th chapter of Leviticus: ד: לב – לה

        This פרק differentiates between the k’vanna of dedication between a korban of purification from tumah of a sheep korban as opposed to the previous chapter of a goat korban.  The dedication of a korban entails a וידוי oath dedication.  Hence the mussar k’vanna of one korban, slightly different from the mussar k’vanna of the other korban.  Despite the fact that both species of korbanot – dedicated for purification from tumah.  The Torah of Moshe commands mussar.  Mussar defines the k’vanna of all prophecies.   The vision of all prophets validates the eternal struggle between the opposing Yatzirot, within the hearts of bnai brit Man.

        The shallow superficial reading of ויקרא, this טפש פשט reactionary reading of worshipped words causes fools to assume that Moshe commanded Israel to offer different animals merely as a barbecue unto Heaven.  The study of the 3rd Book of the Torah, denuded of משנה תורה prophetic mussar, results in the desecration of the Name.  Comparable to Xtians believing that a brutally beaten and tortured imaginary man, crucified on a Roman cross of execution, qualifies as a valid korban\sacrifice.  That tumah corrupt judicial injustice qualifies as tohor Avodat HaShem.  Herein defines the curse of calling Day, night and Night, day.

        A slightly distant precedent: דברים ה: יא.   The Gemarah of Sanhedrin, there the sages attributed the floods which destroyed the soul of Adam Ha’Reshon, all of the first 10 generations of Humanity in the days of Noach, to swearing false oaths.  Another slightly distant precedent: כד: א – ד.  The swearing of an oath likewise defines the mitzva of קידושין.  A man acquires the Nefesh O’lam Ha’Bah soul of his wife … the future born children of this oath brit union.   Such a man who divorces his wife, but refuses to give her back the brit Nefesh O’lam Ha’Bah soul acquired through the mitzvah of קידושין, the equivalent of making a public worship of other Gods.

        People who have no fear of Heaven, they also have no shame.   Such people can never do Avodat HaShem.  The Court has a Torah obligation to place this רשע into the ban of כרת נידוי.  The tumah conscious choice to make a married daughter of Israel into an Agunah, it serves as a precedent by which the sages learned that the mother – and not the father – determines the Jewishness of all children born into the chosen brit Cohen nation.  The רשע who refuses to give back the acquired Nefesh O’lam Ha’Bah soul of his ex-wife, this evil Man has broken faith with both HaShem and his ex-wife.  Swearing a Torah oath has serious consequences.

        Another slightly distant precedent: כז: ט – י.  The entire world rejected the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev.  At the Sinai revelation Israel thought they would die; the Horev revelation occurred after the sin of the golden calf metaphor; the sin of perverting the רוח הקודש Name into a profane word.  There HaShem threatened to expunge the memory of Israel.  Moshe “remembered” the oath sworn to Avraham Yitzak and Yaacov.   This memory, forced upon HaShem the mitzvah of t’shuvah.  Therefore the opening blessing of the Shemone Esrei includes, through k’vanna of the heart, the memory of the oaths the Avot swore back unto HaShem as the eternal oath inheritance of the chosen Cohen People.  Swearing a Torah oath has serious consequences.

        The mitzvah of blessings in general and tefillah in particular stands on the fundamental distinction which separates blessings as toldoth of oaths from praises – as expressed by saying Tehillim.  Mitzvot learn through other Mitzvot because the Written Torah exists as the first Common Law codification.  The failure to learn the Written Torah as the Common Law codification of all Yiddishkeit, this produces the classic 10 Commandment statute law perversion of the whole of the Torah.  All references made by non brit Goyim unto the 10 Commandments, this serves as witness that the Goyim never accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev.

        The משנה תורה does not include an exact precise precedent by which to understand the k’vanna of this the 10th chapter of Parshat ויקרא.  The prophet ישעיה however commands a spot on mussar ז: ג – ו.  The rebellion against HaShem in the days of the prophet Shmuel, by which the people asked for a king – when HaShem ruled as their KING – occurred during the dry season.  The prophet Shmuel therefore called upon rain, to prove to the people their error.  Still the people insisted on imposing a king – like all the other nations – upon the nation.  

        The mussar commandment decreed upon the house of David as the anointed Moshiach … that Civil War would plague both David and all his generations forever.  King David served as the model for all other kings of Yehuda and Israel.   No other king ever matched the righteousness of David.  Yet, Civil-Wars divided the House of David in the lifetime of Shlomo, his son.  The divided kingdoms of Yehuda and Israel never healed their breach of faith.

        Therefore shall attempts by people who share no brit alliance, not with the Torah as the Written Constitution of the Republic, nor the king of Syria who rejected the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev, shall HaShem bless their attempt to impose a new king upon the land when HaShem cursed through rain not in its due season, the Cohen nation when we rebelled and asked for a king other than HaShem.

        HaShem alone took Israel out of Egyptian bondage.  HaShem alone spoke the opening first two commandments at Sinai in the ears of the nation of Cohonim.  Just as HaShem rejected the attempt made by the kings of Ephraim and Syria to place a new king upon the throne of Jerusalem, so too and how much more so the attempts by Xtian Goyim who too never accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev, their vain attempts to impose the empty JeZeus myth as the king of the Jews.

        Another precise precedent יז: ד – יח: ג.  Nothing separates the avodah zarah of asherim or sun images from the avodah zarah of mythology of Gods as found in both the new testament or koran.

        Still another precise precedent: כח: ה – ח.  World separate lateral courtroom common law halachot from statute laws imposed by foreign kings, princes, or priests.  The Torah rejects alien Creeds, theologies, dogmas, and doctrines.  Goyim who never accepted the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev, they possess no power to declare any false messiah as the king of the Jews.

        Still another precise precedent: ל: ו – יא.  The assimilated among my People, they abandon the Torah brit faith.  The delusion that alien Goyim will rule the oath sworn lands with justice and peace, compares to the political rhetoric which the EU, and Russia spout about Peace, a result & consequence of “their” Two-State Solution propaganda.  The vain promise that if Israel only surrenders its victory, the 2nd Independence War of 1967, and agrees to divide Jerusalem and our Nation into two hostile States, whose people hate one another, that the nations will guarantee Peace in the Middle East. 

        This precise mussar compares to a slightly distant precedent: מז: ד – טו.  The people who crushed Jewish stateless refugee population that culminated in ghetto, pogroms, blood libel slanders, and Shoah, do you think yourselves superior to the Babylonians?  Do you think Jews have forgotten the crimes of the Inquisition, the Crusades followed by the unilateral expulsion of my people from your lands?

        Still another less precise mussar precedent: נא: יז – כא.  The memories of 2000+ years of g’lut, has left a permanent scar upon the soul of my people.  These memories, they have decreed that the Goyim of Xtiandom have no ‘good name’ reputation.  The religions of abomination which these people once worshiped, even they too now reject their former religions as utterly false.  Both Protestants and Catholics declare the religion of the other as faithless.   Believing members of the Church of “Crisis”, they do declare that all other Xtians shall burn in hell; that only the true believers shall live life eternal in heaven, together with JeZeus.

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