Constitution of United States of America!

1. Since 05:30 to 15:30; on 14.04.2022; I have walked at least 10000 steps.

2. This is an image of a 50 rupees indian note. It was released in the year 2019. Gandhi. Governor. Hampi. Archeological survey of India and CASH which has turmeric on it. Sanju Kirana Store is not registered in shops nearby Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India Area 51 Swacchh Bhaarat Abhiyaan.

3. Exhaust fan running anticlockwise. Here’s a classic song for presidents in India and USA supported by JOCKEY Johnson O’Connor foundation:

4. Today morning an RSS group got offended by me. My friend Anirudh.

5. Yesterday evening a home decor employee got offended because I took a picture of the shop without permission. My friend Vipul.

6. Day before a member of Ram Mandir Samiti got offended by my place. My friend Aditya.

7. Just a few days ago a wakatake constellation guy got offended after I had a Budweiser. My friend Lallu and Pavilion guy Terrence Tao.

8. Another guy got offended today because I asked him why he was holding a rose in his hand in pavilion. My friend Puneet got offended because I didn’t mention that he’s also a national level handball player.

9. Dogs get offended by breeds I see on a regular basis.

10. Foofarawesomeshugasconadementedstalksuveriaimilitudetudensenamesakeynotenetsukentomorrowland. Anurag loaned me 149 rupees today.

11. He won’t take it back until I reach Nagpur. By then he might get transferred to another location.

12. Ajax. Sapax and so on. Men of letters. Supernaturals. Commentators and so on.

13. Google Play Store download app Free Rice. Share a meal. Like, share, subscribe.

14. is a commercial app.

15. Something died in me on Holi celebration.

16. Then something else died when shit hit the fan and a case was settled for bhaiya bhabhi United Productions: again leaving me indebted to bitches and company.

17. I am beginning to open books on constitution of United States of America. It’s easier than that of Indian national state called Chhatarpur.

18. Vicks inhalers are good for cough and smoke.

19. My height is atleast 10 ft as per new masonic lodge standards. Edited.

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