Hindi and English Medium!

Gadangi NOT GANDAGI: Art of Hindi!
14.04.2022. Thursday. Birthday of Ambedkar and Mahaveer. Hai or Hain? Why Hindi medium? Because then cm needed to reduce salaries of all teachers and workers at once.

This is simplest of posts to emphasize a point I have already made too often now.

1. As soon as you enter into the Badminton Hall located inside the Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India Area 51 471001: you see a small room adjacent to the hall.

2. Here you would find a similar picture:

Gutka aka beteljuice and dirt. Do you observe the broom? I have tried using it! I still can’t fly.

3. A picture is worth thousand words. Three pictures must be worth three thousand words at least.

A picture captured without the permission of labourers at work for a noble and just cause.

4. The fourth picture:

4.1: I approached labourers.

4.2: I asked them if they would like to get photographed.

4.3: They clearly said No.

4.4: I asked if they were being paid “at least 400 rupees per day for such straining work in scorching Sun:” it was already twelve o’ clock and they were digging earth for another tournament.

4.5: I measured the pitch: it was 34 steps. 22 ft. Sumit and Chanchal were present. I am Anand.

Copyright policy: if anyone associated with pitch creation wants to sue me for taking this picture at this hour; despite their lack of consent: do so by all means. I have barely enough to feed myself. These labourers need more than 500 rupees per day. It’s a difficult undertaking with weather and fuel prices taken into consideration. All cases are subject to human rights commission Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India Area 51 471001 and Swacchh Bhaarat Abhiyaan Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India Area 51 471001. Help alleviate the hunger and poverty in your world. Improve education.

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