What’s app is up your Apple pie?

This image was captured after the publication of the first image. Admin or any other member on what’s app is free to leave if they wish.
This is the place where it happened: since context should always be claire.
This is Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh. Moon is waning.

Following sequence of events would tell you what usually happens on Whatsapp, WordPress and other places when there are admins or you’re not strong enough to defend yourself.

1. I am invited to a Whatsapp group dedicated to highschool students only. Via Facebook.

2. I become a member with three admins. Initially there are two…then three.

3. As usual: I am an active member. Sometimes too serious: I am given warning:

“This group is solely dedicated to relaxing jokes.”

4. I pay heed. I share less serious jokes.

5. Group is almost silent after a while. I share a post with my picture.

6. After a few days:

Some more pictures which highlight grave issues. Dark humor.

7. The limit of tolerance has been reached after today’s pictures.

8. I am told that a member of the group left it because of the offensive content I shared.

9. I am removed from the group. Without warning.

10. A group member argues with other members for a while and I am added into the group after the offended member is re-included into the group.

11. After being added to the group: I am shown what people actually think about the content I share on this group:

Offensive. Repelling. Foolish and so on.

12. The person who was defending me invites others to a marriage and offers alcohol.

13. Everyone is happy.

14. I narrate this event after about three months of get-together on whatsapp and FB with high school friends.

15. This gives you a clear idea about what I have been doing these days and what kind of impression it creates in minds of my high school friends.

16. I am going to share this post on another whatsapp group where I am ‘one of the admins.’

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