Luncheon to luncheon!


1. Can you finish a ten rupees white bread packet(usually twelve to thirteen pieces with a twenty rupees lassi?)

Answer: it depends on whether you need to finish it.

2. Why lassi and not tea?

Answer: quantity to soak breads.

3. Why not water and sugar?

Answer: I have tried.

ChaiVibhag +⅖

Question: 01: Why department?

Answer: 01: The name is a mockery of red-tapeism.

The image was captured by me today. How much can you read in the facade which is in shape of a scramble?


Question 01: Is it a earthenware made for tea or coffee?

Answer: What do you see?

I hear a nightingale.

Some water on its beak.

A small puppy harrassed by grown ups.

Follows me after midnight.

I don’t know if it’s dead or alive now

I don’t know if it was similar to the puppy that night.

Laal Bahadur

Question 01: Why do I call it Laal Bahaadur?

Answer: 01: Because I watched ‘Peepli Live,’ in 2010-11. The refernces stayed with me.

Do you see BaskinRobins?

Question 01: Where’s the snake?

Answer 02: Where’s Uranus?

Question: 02: Why?

Question 01: How many images in this article?

Answer: 01: 15.

Question: 02: The last section has an image which is associated with RTI 2005. Subsection. Can you find that one out?

Question: 03: The last section has an image which highlights importance of architects of Indian republic. Can you highlight any misrepresentation of facts under artistic license, associated with those images?

Question: 04: I recently had a coin. A ten rupee coin. I spent it. It was about a personality which is associated with one of the artworks captured in the images. Can you guess it?

Copyright policy: honesty is the best policy. Saint Gadge Circle, police lines road. Municipal corporation Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh. Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur. And Late Madhav Prasad Mishra Memorial Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India Area 51 471001 own various artifacts that were captured by this photography equipment.

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