Please CRUSE After Use!

1. I wanted to keep a tagline for this weblog. Weblog is web woven with use of log or wood. Blog. Vlog. Log. People. Lag.

Memories: Samose

2. As soon as I enter stadium. Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh: I hear someone speak about flying and having a base.

3. Only tea stall open after 12000 steps of walk is not a police lines tea stall: that’s out of scope: nearest and easiest: five rupees for an early morning tea:

Simplicity mein adbhut shakti hai

Kapil Dev Nikhanj, former Indian cricketer.


4. Please cruise after use

Tom cruise

Carry cruise

Don’t crush

In a rush;

Rushmore le mount

Mounteback notredame

Damson sonneteer

Years full of tears

Turn into cheers

Happy go Lucky attitude

Disco attitude

Altitude Deuteronomy

5. Chanal/ channel/ chatnel

Chateaux charnel sepulchre

Pulchritude deuce seduce day sude

Sudorific fictions finger slips

Singer flips

Flip flops

And or nand nor gate crash rash more

Sunrise 25.4.2022

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