Are Admin Rights A Joke?

WH2R+M63, near Babulal Churvedi Stidum, Police Lines, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh 471001
Sunrise 29042022 Who’s Lambu?
Can you spot Venus and the star nearby? It’s a Friday!
Let’s make him an admin: we’ve lost the bet.
Whoever won: it didn’t seem like a gentlemen’s game at any point of time. Gentlemen here are equivalent to feminine hence derided. Even toddlers want to be macho!
Why did i capture this one yesterday?
Twilight azure deep blue!
Century ground Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur: I didn’t put anything to fire: especially with malvolent intentions.
Can you spot the Yoda chameleon
Clean India Green India: colleges where youth spend time bullying each other.
Someone put this basket about a fortnight ago. Since then it has been near Badminton hall!

Coins: courtesy of my friends at Chai Vibhag Cafe. All of them are five rupees coins. Tagore got nobel prize for literature in 1913 AD. He was born in 1861. Ministry of Mysore centenary year: 2015 and The first war of Indian Independence: 1857-2007

On a typical evening: some music.
Early morning picture taken on 27.04.2022 for the purpose of education and research.
Two pictures above: a search on web to confirm what I already knew. A badminton coach argues fruitlessly about table tennis ball being faster. To support it he continues with further trash.
This is the NOTE: to spit and to litter is a punishable offence inside badminton hall!200/- fine.
Badminton hall is actually in shambles! Players admit it without being able to change anything!
This is the second urinal available for a strength of about 500 visitors to stadium every morning and evening. No water, no phenyl, no hygiene. Take it or leave it!
Sirius wars over petty matters early morning are norming these days!
Edit: 08:54 AM: this picture was edited out of this post by some unknown hackers. It’s an expose. A school teacher brought it to house and never returned it back.

Chai Shai Adda:

Chai stands for tea.

Shai is additional rhyming word that goes with tea. Might mean snacks.

Adda is a spot. A place. An address.

Plus Codes: exploring. I am a level six Google maps local guide.

Babulal Churvedi Stidum: It’s usually Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium. For some mysterious reasons: Ramakant Patel, founder of this cafe has put this address with spelling mistakes. I have tried editing it out but couldn’t. His contact number: 7974797329. If you get in touch please inform him this might help their business look more engineered.


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