Gymnashium Hall, Badminton Hall and Pavilion!

What’s with this stone that brings me back to it: again and again?

Let’s see, see plus plus and luscious lassi. Let’s see. See++ & lush see us lasso!

1. I was an adventurous romantic ambitious young man of nine or ten when Aditya Dwivedi aka Lallu; the third son of Munnilal Chhikahra waale introduced me to terms like Gymnashium/Pavilion/Stadium.

2. Growing up; I was confused for a while: what’s the difference between three terms? The confusion seems to be obvious even in the mind of bureaucrats associated with this college’s administration.

3. This hall: whatever its name was intended to be:

A. Gymnashium Hall: it needs to be pointed out that the heading was scratched on the stone as if a grown up student was actually confused about how to name it.

B. This stone might be renovated soon. The date is illegible for most obvious purpose: to put the past behind us…where it actually belongs.

C. The actual date for inauguration was: 12.06.1994: why does it matter?

D. Coming back to Lallu aka Aditya Dwivedi: he’s gainfully employed in the education department of Uttar Pradesh. His father was declared dead by some gossip-mongers-creators and brought back from dead by some miracle workers. I have narrated this event to at least three to four people by now. Let more of you know it!

E. I used to blame myself for remembering it as Gymnashium Hall: whereas it was used for badminton. Later on, they put a blue coat on wall with proper declaration.

F. It’s at the pavilion end.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s ghost creates a self portrait of Basil Rathbone who happens to be distant cousin of Robert Downey Jr. in 2022 AD via cranes. I crane. U crane. We crane. C crane. C plus plus. Who cares. Grave of fireflies. Fire flies. Secrane. Sacchrine. Secret. Secretariat. Lariat. Larry at lorry stop. Dirty Harry in the dead pool. Spool. Loops that’s why nobody fakes you seriously! Tops hot pots spotted stops.

Now some video interviews of a national level player who also happens to be a senior software developer.

This segment is a copyright material like other segments. Courtesy: Rishabh Jadia and Nagendra Singh Yadav. District association for badminton Chhatarpur. Badminton hall Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh.

Part One: Rishabh on Court mat
Part Two
Part Three: Have you tried to improve?
Part Four: Why?
Part Five: Conclusion!

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