Chaturvedi versus Churvedi versus Basil Rathbone versus Benedict Cumberbatch versus Sherlock Holmes versus CHATUVERDI !!!

What’s with Hindi Grammar?
Hain or Hai? 04.05.2022 16:12 PM
Badminton hall Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India gandagi or gadangi?

1. I was brought up among Grammar Nazis.

2. In school, as well as outside: parents, teachers and seniors: all took great care to correct pronunciation of youngsters.

3. It applied to both English and Hindi.

4. Stuttering or speech defect made you subject to ridicule and mockery.

5. Despite best of my efforts and somehow being able to graduate in electronics and communication engineering: I found myself fumbling for correct pronunciation in get-togethers among my colleagues.

6. I tried to compensate by learning more words: especially by reading. The lag between proper pronunciation and spelling still remained. Finally: I accepted it with further research into etymology of type which condones some errors provided you’re not being obnoxious on purpose by pretending to be a logophile.

Now: having established the premise which saves you the trouble of misappropriation, misapprehension and misconception (not to be confused with miscarriage;) I try to unleash my grammar nazi in service of entertainment.

A. I assume you have been following my career as a local guide level six on Google: which is an unpaid job. Rehash data if you have no money to visit new places. Keep compensating for low achievement by finding errors in names, addresses and such with limitation of Google Maps assuming that you actually visited a place if you merely passed by it and your bluetooth was happy to have a dream byte. Or if you were to edit out an address with a genuine philanthropic urge to help: Google maps continues to assign you the role of the job manager, whereas, you’re on your toes to avoid real estate people who assume that you’re actually a fraud who’s about to misappropriate their property.

B. In that vein: whoever commissioned this work in the stone tablet number one: did a great damage to self-proclaimed Hindi champions :


Who’s responsible?

I am an expert in finding culprits.

With the risk of creating an all out BEE Jay PEE versus CONE GRACE:

With the risk of losing my five hundred rupees per month job in which I teach English, Hindi and Maths to a kid whose father is actually free from losing his job:

I hereby declare that: on 14.10.09:

When this GRAVE misdemeanor was being committed against HINDI as well as the original philanthropic family which contributed land towards the creation of this August premise;

People responsible were:

Professor P. K. Pateriya

Professor G. C. Singhai

Madhusudan Pitre


I have shown you the art of actually honouring your mother tongue, if it’s Hindi. It’s not done by putting a Palm on HOLIDAY on back of a pedestrian. Not by shouting Jai Shriram. Not by driving a vehicle without license. Not by shouting uncle uncle uncle ad nauseum…ad infinitum.

Case Two:

Case Two:

This error was also consumed post 12.06.1994.

Only mentions then chief minister

It seems: later it became trendier to distribute credit here.

Only mentions Swami Pranavananda on 28.02.1992

Even a 1992 stone inscription has embossed characters, both in Hindi and English: which are free from error. Only person mentioned is a philanthrope named Swami Pranavananda who donated money and land in India and USA for furthering Vedic research.

Thus: error in Case Two: Hindi research is based on the assumption that commission was working under Digvijay Singh, then chief minister of Madhya Pradesh India. The stadium committee had a head, someone was a principal, another name needed to be blamed for being in-charge during the masonic tea parties.

Take another pro bono case:

18-30 April 2022

Despite best of their intentions: they commissioned two artiste. Both began work at the rate of five hundred rupees per day I assume. I requested them to correct Hindi spelling of APRIL. They did. It was too late when it came to English spelling of CHANAL. Charnel. Channel. Organizers are still alive and kicking and they don’t give a damn about Hindi, English or mafia. I think so? No. I know so! Relevance: today morning Mitul with an M tattoo on his right hand asked about it.

Copyright policy: the material belongs to me . The author. Courtesy of Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh and courtesy of WordPress. And I take sole responsibility of every assertion/argument made in this article for all purposes. Neither caretaker nor my friends are to be held guilty for violating any civil rights. RTI 2005. RTE. Right to educate. Right to entertain.

Churvedi Stidum Babulal: Chai Shai Adda host Ramakant Patel had it in their Google maps address. I edited it out for free for public welfare. I kept doing it with noted doggedness Siriusly. That’s where one of the terms comes from.

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