Broom Versus Palm Versus Lotus!

Election Season: 12:15 03.07.2022

1. The idea for this blog post came from the hodgepodge obvious on the wall shown in this image.

2. Previous elections for municipal corporation were organised in 2016-17 and I didn’t witness the process back then because of lack of interest. This time around I kept reading the newspapers and gleaned a bit about it.

3. What’s so peculiar about this image?

Nothing if you don’t know the process. The process by which it was created. You would find such advertisement leaflets pasted all over the Ward 23 of Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, India.

4. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts: one of the candidates mentioned in the advertisement is going to win and become richer than they previously were. This is the most humble of them you’re going to see: EVER. Even if a facade, the premise is worth being explored for obvious reason to have a first-hand experience about metamorphosis elections do in the lives of candidates running and the rest of us.

5. The hodgepodge came to be like this:

5.1: There was an empty wall.

5.2: The leaflet for broom ๐Ÿงน was pasted at first.

5.3: The script in the dark maroon color was written just below the leaflet. The lotus group didn’t paste the leaflet with their candidate’s picture.


Who knows?


5.4: The leaflet for palm of right hand was pasted in the end.

5.5: To a regular passerby: it seems as if the script in maroon is to support the broom ๐Ÿงน candidate.

6. Actually: all three of them are very gentle people. They respect boundaries of each other.

As of now: I am writing this post under article 144 being in effect. Intention is absolutely not to defame anyone or to malign the reputation of these representatives of the Ward ( 23 ).

7. The intention is to educate and inform people who ever read this article about the political campaign for municipal corporation elections.

8. I got to see the first candidate as candidate when my respected father Shilajeet was speaking to him on NH39 near Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium entrance to Choubey Colony a few days ago. He was accompanied by his soft spoken fast friend from education business. Political business is related to the education business. It seemed more than a coincidence that I was crossing the road when this happened. Pink Floyd.

8.1: Does the candidate eat gutka?


Does he spit it in public places like Stadium?


Akin to any normal people (Aam Aadmi.) I have often seen him in stadium-walking- as he’s fitness conscious and also a proprietor of an accupressure naturopathy clinic nearby. His elder brother also showed public disdain by spitting gutka once. It had become a regular feature by the year 2018.

9. Gurudev is also fitness conscious and his family is also full of disdain for middle or lower middle class people. They have organised many public events in which devotional songs and stories were played. They also participated in the recently concluded Madhav Prasad Mishra Memorial Night Cricket Tournament. He was the last man standing for the losing side.

10. Does Gurudev eat gutka? Maybe Not. But his most ardent supporter seems to be fond of it. He openly showed his disdain by spitting a large chunk of it, on purpose. He then went on to paste the posters.

11. Both of these candidates pass the Ku Klux Klan test. It’s actually darker than it seems.

12. Let’s take the third candidate: the candidate from the ruling party. Double engine. Highest budget. Budget visible in the campaign. The third candidate is not a single candidate. The trend of Mister and Mrs Khiladi was not set by previous candidates from lotus group. It’s been there for a long time. The feminine takes care of kids and ladies and the masculine manages the rest. The message is clear: women can’t take care of this business alone. The places where you see only women contesting elections: there are men behind the scenes.

13. Broom and Palm guys are guys. Men. Lotus guys are Gemini. Twins. Mercury just entered into Gemini. Yadda yadda. If you think women are really candidates here: you’re grossly mistaken. I have to wait for three days for getting a fifty rupees pocket money from my mother who earns about 70000 rupees per month because all of the business and economics is managed by her husband since forever. She doesn’t have any money which is how things should be in an ideal Patriarchal Society.

14. Another candidate who took his nomination back was not contesting from any party. He used to be a vocal supporter for right hand palm. Now he was going to contest on his own but took nomination back at the last minute due to the requests from the candidates from ruling party (as told to me at a tea cafe when enquired.)

15. As I took the picture: the picture was erased from the database. By hackers. It’s not new to me. Plenty of it happened in the last seven years. I took the picture again. It’s merely to keep record of how it happened. Only faces and names change in power struggles. No substantial changes. An example is: black money deposited into swiss bank accounts from India skyrocketing during 2020-2021: one of the premises on which 2011 Anna Hazare movement was organised and then another election: no REAL change.

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