My [pronunciation] of the words is not good!

1. This is, one of the questions on Grammar quiz on WFP. Free rice site operated by United Nations. Yemen emergency needs us to act with kindness. 2. The only problem is: this question hasn’t been edited for some reason in the last two years despite my complaints. The two options in this question are … More My [pronunciation] of the words is not good!

The Trip to Chita!

1. Articles 13 and 14 of constitution of India. Equality before law and exemption from certain laws in special cases(ex: article 31) 2. I went on a trip. The plan was to watch a football match in the local stadium. A tournament. Something else happened. There were some kids in the nets. There used to … More The Trip to Chita!

Articles 26, 24, 11.

1. Article 24 of Constitution of India: Prohibition of employment of children under the age of 14 in factories etc. [Say no to child labour.] 2. Article 26 of Constitution of India: Freedom to manage one’s own religious affairs. 3. Article 8 of Constitution of India: Right of Citizenship 4. Article 6 of Constitution of … More Articles 26, 24, 11.

Life as a Sacrifice!

1. I was watching a debate on a news channel. 2. The debate was about : which political party is more patriotic than the other. 3. Bertrand Russell’s quote came to my mind: “Patriotism is willing to die for foolish reasons.” 4. My experience is different. Reason might be partially because Russel was born in … More Life as a Sacrifice!


1. I played a five overs match on “Real Cricket.” There was a call from Sagar Aggrawal specifying why PAN card couldn’t be made despite three months of wait. I had one made in 2008 in Bhopal via agents. It was easier than as I had a sponsor and some prospects. This time around I … More Ogham!

Non Fiction!

1. Are these extraordinary times? I ask myself. I can support the positive or the negative responses to this question as easily as I want to. What do I want–is the next question I ask myself and how is it related to my needs is the third. 2. USA which mostly follows Christianity has 15 … More Non Fiction!

Bharat over India

A blogger whose name translates to grace, in his discovery of Bharat over India completely disregards the well known story of an explorer. He was trying to reach India and instead reached America. Assuming that he had reached India he called the native Americans Indian. Red Indians might be later day usage. This guy is … More Bharat over India