Engagement Rings!

1. Any rings you wear are a serious business. Now i understand it with more clarity than ever before. Earlier the import used to be as much: whenever one of the protagonists cheated on their husbands or wives: they take off their engagement ring. 2. It’s an age old custom to wear metal rings, especially … More Engagement Rings!


1. Brahmani is the best name given to any lizards found in my village. It is passing by me towards the mound on the left side. It is not interested in me is it seems hungry looking for its food here and there. 2. In a way we have been encroaching on their territory. For … More Brahmani

Narmada, Death, Pigs, Polythene, Vishakhapatnam, Suicide and Narada!

1. We had a brief discussion on effect of Corona. We seemed to agree on improvement in air quality. Narmada and Godavari couldn’t be cleansed even after big movements and activists like Medha Patkar sacrificed their lives for the cause. Godhead heard them and Narmada is cleaner. It works in mysterious ways. 2. Deaths: Look … More Narmada, Death, Pigs, Polythene, Vishakhapatnam, Suicide and Narada!


1. Since I contemplated suicide multiple times, my heart is saddened by the news of youngsters committing suicide in local newspapers. Euthanasia should be birthright of every human being and animal. 2. In my evening walk I saw a foundation stone for ward number 23. The inscription has a name: Harihara Gandarbh. The name should … More Euthanasia

Cosmic Equations!

With left hand on bishop, He hopes, To make his world a better place, A returning player, He smiles, With curlicues, He puts all the illuminated ones, In danger, They cry ‘merxy!’ As he says-” Check mate!”


1. Sun is shining brightly. Vegetable sellers are still passing by and birds on nearby trees sing. 2. I burnt some garbage. Smell of charred rubber is in the air. I had my second bath and now I need to write and read to make this day a significant one. I read few verses by … More Radiance!