Face The Music!

1. Face the music is one of the sayings with music being something which doesn’t just entertain but it does uplift. Martin Heidegger addressed musicality of being in his book Time and Being. Heidigger was a better philosopher but Nietzsche was more influential in Hitler’s contemporaries or so thought Osho aka Acharya Rajneesh Mohan Chandra … More Face The Music!


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Hidden Den marksmanship

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Who Moved My Team?

Thank you, Ben and WordPress team and my readers, for your constant support and feedback. I would like to take the last clue as prompt support. 1. If I were to choose a team of superheroes from people dead or alive, fictional or real: first of all-very difficult to choose; because I have more suggestions … More Who Moved My Team?


I cordially thank following teachers who helped me transcend death and fear. May they grace me as dancing light of bliss wherever they are: 1. The Tibetan Book of Dead: terma by Padmasambhava. The teaching became only source of solace for me in my first recognition of inbetween when I was left stranded in the … More Thank-you!


1. Birds come in flocks from the Northwest and singing they move towards the Southwest. 2. Since it rained, the breeze is soothing as white sky looks ornate against profound blue in all directions. 3. I felt I had everything for a while: friends, rest and the alchemy. 4. At home after a long time. … More Human

Magical Calculus Lustrous Succubus!

1. Magical magus gusto stored. 2. Red education ions galore. 3. More lores resplendent chores. 4. Glassdoor Orangutan tanager multiverse. 5. Verisimilitude etude deutronomy prophet. 6. California Caliphate lip-sync zonesing. 7. Birds fly very high. 8. Omnibus sulcus custard powder. 9. Derelict ictus tusselated laterad. 1o. Wall-E, Wallmixy, Xymie, Xylum. 11. Lumpsum fulcrum curmudgeon buldgeon. … More Magical Calculus Lustrous Succubus!