Some birds are chirping. Some vehicles are passing by. Some human beings around me. And I am still figuring out some things.. It was the birthday of one of the ex colleagues. During the induction program he was my Chris child. He was from Bengal. I went to a restaurant with him and tasted some … More Birthdays

100 posts!

I have made hundred posts here. This is my third inning on WordPress minus the pitfalls. It’s 15 and Friday both ruled by Venus. I don’t have kinda clout. But I need to thank you for reading me and comments: Defining Ambiguity who seems to have deleted their blog and the chess guy. Fatima and … More 100 posts!

Siddhi Yoga!

A Nightingale is singing. In my memory. A few dogs bark intermittent ly. Lyrical melodies are in the air. Politicians and civilians were debating about alcoholism. My sibling had a sudden spell of vomiting yesterday and he couldn’t even reach out for the bathroom. I offered to clean his room later but he said it … More Siddhi Yoga!