Words of a blather lock down with a Kite in Sky!

Chanson on vacation On Sundays, when she is supposed to be at church, she still meets the villagers in the park and talks to them. There were three venipuncture venomous scorpions. They resided in a small tree on the lawn of the beautiful blonde. If I had learnt to differentiate between the fictional and non … More Words of a blather lock down with a Kite in Sky!


Some birds are chirping. Some vehicles are passing by. Some human beings around me. And I am still figuring out some things.. It was the birthday of one of the ex colleagues. During the induction program he was my Chris child. He was from Bengal. I went to a restaurant with him and tasted some … More Birthdays

100 posts!

I have made hundred posts here. This is my third inning on WordPress minus the pitfalls. It’s 15 and Friday both ruled by Venus. I don’t have kinda clout. But I need to thank you for reading me and comments: Defining Ambiguity who seems to have deleted their blog and the chess guy. Fatima and … More 100 posts!

Siddhi Yoga!

A Nightingale is singing. In my memory. A few dogs bark intermittent ly. Lyrical melodies are in the air. Politicians and civilians were debating about alcoholism. My sibling had a sudden spell of vomiting yesterday and he couldn’t even reach out for the bathroom. I offered to clean his room later but he said it … More Siddhi Yoga!