Komatsu Dragon Spits

1. It’s not a problem. It’s only a narration of an event. I was listening to the morning news near a Komatsu road roller which has skating wheels. I was thinking whether it’s a story or a narration. 2. When, I saw the driver approaching the vehicle. He was brushing. The driver was brushing the … More Komatsu Dragon Spits


1. Birds are chirping sweet on the branch of the neem tree. I am free. For now. 2. It rained since yesterday evening. It was drizzling as I left the premise with my students. It was quiet until the class wasn’t over, then it started drizzling until it drenched us. It has been happening for … More Birds

Don’t Take Sides!

1. It’s a strange notion. But I have expressed it more than once. What if, the biggest illusion woven by the mother matrix was patriarchy? 2. Gurdjieff told about hierarchies in his strange tales. But you need to grasp the icons. 3. Queen of the british kingdom or Moon which represents feminine care giving or … More Don’t Take Sides!

The way out

1. Lest I forget: the reason why the size of posts became smaller: because I started getting more attention than usual from strangers. It created difficulty in sitting for more than a few minutes together. 2. The breeze is soothing after finger tea and five rupees pack of pasta snack. A biker with his wife … More The way out

Guilt Free Market!

1. I had a visit to nearby market. I had couple of samosas and a tea. There was a long waiting time, so I kept observing people. The distributor was working like a machine. His T-shirt has this statement: Blackout Crew If we don’t remember it, it didn’t happen. A guy accidentally dropped his carry … More Guilt Free Market!

The Blue Bird!

1. Listen well, oh wise one, I will reveal you an eternal mystery! 2. A kingfisher perched on an electric wire. A squirrel was rubbing its ear with its toe. The black bird with a crest asked the kingfisher thusly: pray tell me oh blue bird, why does this emptiness sucks me in, like dust … More The Blue Bird!


1. There were giant bats on the Ashok tree. It has started to drizzle as we were waiting near the swing. Wings of bats were spread like canopies. Batlings were battling with drizzle drops, flying zigzag. They were not there just a few days ago. An owl and half lives there too. It’s cute. A … More Walking

Events Recently

1. The birds were chirping sweetly. Sound of a distant truck approaching gets louder. Doppler. Doppelganger. Granger. Germane mane inane anemone one two three…seven is the number of the heavenly crows on an electric wire. Buffaloes do their morning march. I convert starch into glucose. A Tupperware seller trudged on bike towards the petrol pump … More Events Recently


The trilling warbling chorus of slaty colored birds. Well, you do seem interested. Kingfisher sings. The mules walk one after another. Seven of them. The last two nuzzled. The man on bike recognized me. Came back to chat for a minute. The Shepherd was being funny on bike with his wayward cow. Another teen with … More Effort