There are certain advantages to waking up early morning hours and going for walk. I had no other option but to walk. I already feel richer. She had the idea of wearing a new dress. 2. I bought the dress for her. The budget was drugged. I often think what my existence is about and … More Snippets

Dragonfly Zigsaw!

Buffaloes and the truck drivers. Kingfisher kingdom domicile. Ruminant ant Anant pendant cud duck Dynasty nasty stylus lustrous tumultuous tumulus. Omasum abomasum Masum mashup upstarte arriviste stellar larkspur spurt turpitude etude deutronomy myalgia iambic ictus tusselated laterad raddled addlepated addler handler class exception ionized zed eye yedi edified iodied index dexterity ritzy zygote writ out … More Dragonfly Zigsaw!

Anatomy of Ataraxy!

You are beautiful. Beauty is whatever makes one blissfully aware. The secret to happiness is to make habits that are healthy and easy to control. Take for example the news item: speaking in groups is necessary to make you feel better: I understand it fully. I have experimented with it. But the effort it takes … More Anatomy of Ataraxy!

The Kingfisher Sings!

The ocean is a mystery. It’s the birthplace of life. Under its blue, deep waters lies a land of strange creatures. Squeezing squeed, weed concede, corral losel morsel, whale, octopus October, rivers and mountains and valleys Ever so life-long, finds little terra-lena. I wonder. Sharks indebted forever. Dolfins Finnish tiffin services. The father and daughter … More The Kingfisher Sings!

Love !

I am in awe of this verse. I hope you would enjoy reading this note and let it be published as a comment here. It will be there for those who have seen the comment you digged. You can call me a troll and I would be happy thinking French lady thinks about me. This … More Love !


A stench of carrion enters my nostrils. It rises up from the depths, and the thick fog of the Seine, which has been swirled up by the mistral, mingles with it. A murder of crows has been feasting on the dead body of the piglet. The wolf, which is still in the den, moves his … More Events

Great effect!

Where do you live!” She asked. “In a cottage in the forest,” said the little bear. “I live in the synchronicity.” Which city is that? “It’s called the City of Wonder.” And Joy. In the City of Wonder there are great golden gates, and inside those gates are great golden houses. In the great ginseng … More Great effect!