Dragonfly Zigsaw!

Buffaloes and the truck drivers. Kingfisher kingdom domicile. Ruminant ant Anant pendant cud duck Dynasty nasty stylus lustrous tumultuous tumulus. Omasum abomasum Masum mashup upstarte arriviste stellar larkspur spurt turpitude etude deutronomy myalgia iambic ictus tusselated laterad raddled addlepated addler handler class exception ionized zed eye yedi edified iodied index dexterity ritzy zygote writ out … More Dragonfly Zigsaw!

Events Horizon!

It rained. The fog on the mountains nearby is the most captivating sight. The roads look bathed. Drenched mules were trying to procreate. The scenery before the rain and during a thunderstorm is better than after rain. But this region welcomes any and all rains. I am happy to see farmers relieved. The rain left … More Events Horizon!